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Gayle's Photo Shoot 029_RGBIn 1997 Gayle Gregory decided to follow her dream of sailing to Mexico with her husband Ken. She left behind a successful career, her high heels and suits, her status and, as she soon found, her identity. Upon the ocean’s waves Gayle plunged into a primal reality that revealed her fears and opened her mind to the true reality behind the human condition. Inspired to find deeper understanding and a way to navigate the fear, she returned home committed to befriending every fear and belief. Along the way, she found herself in the middle of the present moment.

Throughout the process as Gayle’s self-awareness and compassion has grown, she shared her path and insights in three books, The Grand Experiment, an Expedition of Self-Discovery (co-authored with Madren Campbell and Karen Johnson), Workplace Evolution, Common Sense for Uncommon Times, a business management and leadership award-winner, and her latest, Silent Presence: Grief’s Unfolding Promise.

The Grand Experiment (TGE) was a grand experiment indeed. Every word was written by the three authors sitting around a table with one computer. It brought up every sticky belief within the group. Perhaps that is why it took three years to write. TGE explores seven myths that we all take for granted as true. They aren’t but it takes courage to discover the truth.

Workplace Evolution was born out of Gayle’s collaboration with Vasi Huntalas and Sherri Petro, as they came together and experimented with an evolutionary business model and learned first hand, its pitfalls and power.  Workplace Evolution, is an answer to why Gayle, and so many others, are not fulfilled at work and have high levels of stress and low levels of company loyalty. Her insights provide organizations of any size with the ability to address employee engagement, instill living inclusivity, and easily keep quality people on the payroll. Gayle integrated her experience as a Fortune 500 senior manager and her continuously unfolding appreciation of human consciousness in the pages of Workplace Evolution.

Ms. Gregory finished her BA in Management while deep in her career, an accomplishment that she laughingly states took 28 years. She graduated with honors right before taking a two-year sailing sabbatical to Vancouver Island, and from there to Mexico, aboard her 40 foot sailboat. The adventure provided insights into the seven myths, the crux of The Grand Experiment, and a crucial component of Workplace Evolution.  Clients who have benefited from the work include companies in the technology, education, and service sectors who required a wholly new level of awareness and communication to cultivate individual potential and promote organizational performance.

Silent Presence, Grief”s Unfolding Promise is Gayle’s (now called Amaya Gayle) latest book. It comes from her very personal experience of Ken’s five-years with cancer and the twelve months following his death. Amaya Gayle’s words are self-aware, honest, raw and unprotected. Months before his death, in an electric meeting of souls, Ken told Gayle that his cancer was his gift to her. She chose to accept Ken’s gift, to squeeze every lesson from his life, and the perfection (not what the mind thinks) of his death. She understood the gift’s power and wasn’t willing to miss one breath of the experience.

Gayle thought she lived in the present moment. Watching Ken, she realized that she didn’t. Ken embodied the present moment during his last months with his willingness to be present to his life and all it held, including the experience of his death, of leaving everything he loved behind. Ken’s life became the teaching, and through his conscious death, he teaches still.

Amaya is currently capturing what she calls, “Messages from Kendal” and writing about them on this site and on her facebook page,  Consciousness Awakening Itself. One of Ken’s latest messages was that Amaya and Kendal (his spirit name) would sit across from each other, both dimensions aware of the other, and write a book together.

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