A few nights ago I was shown a moving image, a divine motion picture. I like many, had struggled with the belief in the power of opposites. I had remnant thoughts about the validity of yin-yang and that each must have power.
When we look towards the manifest world it appears so. A virus appears to infect thousands, millions. Something outside of us appears to have the power to interrupt health.
The image I saw demonstrated something quite different from conventional Taoism. As the movie played upon the screen of my inner eyes I saw that harmony, peace, love, health, union and compassion — all the goodness of life, the yin — are the underlying reality, the default or natural state of all Life.
The mind constructs yang. Mind weaves its reality of disharmony, war, hate, greed, disease, separation and uncaring. It tells its stories and embeds its lack in DNA passed through generations until it seems it has always been and will always be so. This is how a symbol of mankind’s temporary lapse in awareness became one thought to be of its nature, its certain and unchangeable reality.
When the lie is seen through with even a glimmer of awareness, one can be said to be upon the path of return, a return to what one always was but didn’t recognize as possibility, let alone potential. That moment arrives as grace, for it is not something you do. It arrives after lifetimes of mistakes learned, or perhaps in divine response to an extraordinary moment of mindless, unconditional love. Infinite possibilities exist. 
Once one moves beyond the threshold where lack of awareness still activates and animates the eons-old story, moments may arise when the story appears to return — reruns of a sort. The story may even feel real for an instant until seen for what it is, at which point it drops back into the ocean of Life, expending little if any precious lifeforce energy.
As mind ceases its yang-based creation, which happens as one is present here-now sustainably, one enters into another world, another experience of Life that seems impossible, insane to those still resonating with the yang mind.
We are not trapped by yin-yang, fated to live out stories of good and evil. It is not an irrefutable truth. It is a misunderstood concept of Reality, based upon how we were living within Reality at the time. Reality is beyond concepts altogether.
“Looking through the eyes of the love changes everything. Bypassing the mind’s stories, beliefs, and concepts takes you straight to the heart of the matter.” Card #42, Seeing With the Heart — The Wild Child
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