Silent Presence, Grief’s Unfolding Promise

Many months before Ken’s death, his soul reached out to Gayle and shattered her understanding of reality. With six simple words, delivered in an explosion of energy, not unlike the Starship Enterprise shifting into warp drive, he set Gayle upon a collision course with every belief that comprised the fabric of her life. The words: “This cancer is my gift to you.” Nothing more; just a short sentence she thought she understood. She didn’t. If she hadn’t been holding on to the back of Kenny’s chair, she would have been knocked to her knees by the blast. And, that was nothing in comparison to what would follow.

Silent Presence comes from the very personal, direct experience of Gayle Amaya Gregory. Her words are self-aware, honest, raw and unprotected. She chose to accept Ken’s gift, to squeeze every lesson from his life, and the perfection of his death. She understood the gift’s power and wasn’t willing to miss one breath of the experience.

Gayle thought she lived in the present moment. Watching Ken, she realized that she didn’t. Ken embodied the present moment during his last months with his willingness to be present to his life and all it held, including the experience of his death, of leaving everything he loved behind. Ken’s life became the teaching, and through his conscious death, he teaches still.

Silent Presence documents the path of return. It is both a shamanic journey into fear and death and the slow dawning of remembrance, the return to True Nature, the I Am That I Am. As it passes through the ripping, pain-filled, mind quieting, heart opening lessons on its journey Home, it provides evidence of the heart’s triumph over mind’s trust in limitation.

To someone watching from the outside, the problems of life might seem unchanged, but that would be wrong. They have changed; the choices and perceptions, and exquisite peace and absolute freedom bear no resemblance to ordinary experience. Answers flow easily from within the heart itself.  Life is realized to be Consciousness creating, perfect and pure. It is something that cannot be described, only lived. Ken’s gift is that this is Who We Are; and the experience of it is always available right now.

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The Grand Experiment, and Expedition of Self Discovery

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This guided imagery meditation CD, Pure Release, is designed to amplify your experience of integrating patterns of fear and limitation. Nearly one hour combined, the three powerful meditations, Ocean Dive, Mountain Harmony, and Flame of Release, all gently guide you into a state of openness that permits clear vision and in concert with your desire for clarity, creates an opening for release.

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