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The Wild Child Oracle Deck and Companion Book

WC Front Cover_sm_webWhether you’re a wide-eyed beginner, or have been on the spiritual path for years, The Wild Child cards and book enable sustained present moment awareness. 20190701_163217Each card opens a sacred portal, inviting you into the precious here-now, your rightful inheritance. The cards function as both oracle and mantra, showing you exactly what you need to see and hear in this moment and offer up unique wisdom and impeccable guidance for your journey.

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Riding The Tornado’s Tail

Tornado Front Cover_Sm_WebRiding the Tornado’s Tail (RTT) is the collectives’ tale represented by 20 unguarded accounts that run the gamut from cancer to schizophrenia, HIV to dementia. To make RTT meaningful and fun, the stories are interwoven with analogies from The Wizard of Oz. Caregivers learned to navigate their inner terrain as well as the outer landscape of lions, tigers and bears – the loved one’s decline, family interactions, dwindling finances and the oh my of incessant lessons from lives reeling out of control.

Few ask for the opportunity. Many avoid it when they can, but in tightening financial situations, avoidance isn’t always an option. With social services on the chopping block, many more will be called to be caregivers for their loved ones.
Weaving together Oz and hometown USA, Amaya offers those swept into the tornado a precious gift. Twenty stories tender many unique ways to respond to life’s unanswerable questions. These stories open a pathway through the chaos, extending caregivers the opportunity to cherish the time spent, to traverse the precious ordeal and come out whole on the other side, just like Dorothy and Toto. May you too, find guidance and reassurance as you are swept up into the ride of your lifetime.

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Silent Presence, Grief’s Unfolding Promise

e-book version through Amazon, paperback available here

Many months before Ken’s death, his soul reached out to Gayle and shattered her understanding of reality. With six simple words, delivered in an explosion of energy, not unlike the Starship Enterprise shifting into warp drive, he set Gayle upon a collision course with every belief that comprised the fabric of her life. The words: “This cancer is my gift to you.” Nothing more; just a short sentence she thought she understood. She didn’t. If she hadn’t been holding on to the back of Kenny’s chair, she would have been knocked to her knees by the blast. And, that was nothing in comparison to what would follow.

Silent Presence comes from the very personal, direct experience of Gayle Amaya Gregory. Her words are self-aware, honest, raw and unprotected. She chose to accept Ken’s gift, to squeeze every lesson from his life, and the perfection of his death. She understood the gift’s power and wasn’t willing to miss one breath of the experience.

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Workplace Evolution: Common Sense for Uncommon TimesWE Cover_Amaya

E-book available through Amazon

National “Best Books 2009” Business Management and Leadership Finalist

We all know that our world has changed dramatically over the past several years. During times like these it is only natural to ask questions and re-think our business-as-usual attitudes. It is obvious that we must find a better way to do business, a way that engages all employees. The challenge lies in breaking out of the current individual based mold to a model that accesses the potential of each and every one of us. Workplace Evolution addresses that challenge.

“Workplace Evolution causes us to reexamine the way we do business, including practices we have takenfor granted that no longer serve people, the bottom line, or the planet. It provides original and straight-forward, yet practical solutions that breathe new life into ethics, community and sustainable profitability.” Jackie Barretta, CIO Con-way

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The Grand Experiment, and Expedition of Self Discovery

2nd EditioTGE2n (E-book) Available Now at Amazon
First edition print copies available through the bookstore

Easily understandable. Simple examples. A quick, eye opening read. Filled with exercises and meditations to expand life’s possibilities. “The Grand Experiment” sets a safe and powerful context to engage seven universal myths that make us feel fearful, disconnected and alone. The book offers a way to simplify and quiet the mind’s chatter and begin the process of dismantling the myths to find peace and freedom from the fear that is so pervasive these day.

First Edition Paperback $10 plus $3 shipping

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