The Wild Child

The Present Moment in Your Pocket

Whether you’re a wide-eyed beginner, or have been on the spiritual path for years, The Wild Child cards and book enable sustained present moment awareness. 20190701_163217Each card opens a sacred portal, inviting you into the precious here-now, your rightful inheritance. The cards function as both oracle and mantra, showing you exactly what you need to see and hear in this moment and offer up unique wisdom and impeccable guidance for your journey.

These cards are the culmination of 30 years of spiritual practice. Everything Amaya Gayle has learned about living in the present moment is available to you  in the this oracle cards and book set. While the information was being downloaded, she would feel a butterfly in her heart as each card completed. Until she felt the wings flap, she knew there was more to clarify or create. They are an amazing gift to our world so in need of awakened beings. Those who have experienced them are amazed at their spot-on accuracy and the portal to here-now they create.

$30 for the set plus $5 shipping

Available for purchase in the bookstore

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