Biographical Nonsense 


There is no appropriate bio for Amaya Gayle. She doesn’t exist other than as an expression of Consciousness Itself. Talking about her in biographical terms is a disservice to the truth and to anyone who might be led to believe in such nonsense. None of us exist, not in the way we think. It’s actually much better than we can imagine. Ideas spring into words. Words flow onto paper and yet no one writes them. They simply appear fully formed. Looking at her you would swear this is a lie. She’s there after all, but honestly, she’s not … and she is. Love a paradox and life is nothing, if not paradoxical. Bios normally wax on about accomplishments and beliefs, happenings in time and space. She has never accomplished anything, has no beliefs and like you was never born and will never die. Engage with Amaya at your own risk. 


One thought

  1. I just finished “Riding the Tornado’s tail” and absolutely loved it. I love the comparison to Dorothy and the land of oz. My Mother is 88 years old and lives with my Sister full time. This book really put into perspective for me, what my Sister goes through on a regular basis and how wrong I am to ever question how she is taking care of my Mom. The book kept me up late as I didn’t want to put it down until I was finished. It was a very enticing read.

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