Amaya’s Passion is Compassion

20200620_094634Compassion is Amaya’s life work. Everything she does, says or writes, flows from present moment awareness. It wasn’t always so.

In 1997 Gayle, as she was then called, followed her dream and sailed to Mexico with her husband Ken. She left behind a successful career, her status and, as she soon found, her identity. She plunged into a primal reality that revealed her fears and opened her mind to the potential and possibility of life.

Inspired to find a deeper understanding and a way to navigate the fear, she returned home committed to befriending every fear and belief. In 2006, Ken was diagnosed with melanoma cancer. After five years navigating the medical system, caught between traditional and alternative therapies, Ken left his body in April of 2011. Ken’s life and his death, the grief anticipated and the grief of actual loss, saw the death of Gayle and the birth of Amaya. Like a Phoenix arising from the ashes, Amaya found herself in the timeless preciousness of the silent presence, the here and now of the present moment.

What others say about Amaya Gayle:

“Thank you for risking to give full expression of your being. You are making a difference in this world and it is having an impact on me personally. You know how to cut to the chase with no holds barred. Your interview on Dr. Beth Erickson’s show is proof. ” WD ~ Oregon

“Gayle is grounded in Source love and compassion. Her deep core work springs from this foundation, allowing a sacred space for shedding old patterns and inspiring new insights and behaviors.” JG, Oregon 

“I love getting your newsletter! Your article last month sharing the conversation you had with your son about “letting go” was very powerful for me. I have filed it to reference again and again.” KS, Idaho

One thought

  1. I just finished “Riding the Tornado’s tail” and absolutely loved it. I love the comparison to Dorothy and the land of oz. My Mother is 88 years old and lives with my Sister full time. This book really put into perspective for me, what my Sister goes through on a regular basis and how wrong I am to ever question how she is taking care of my Mom. The book kept me up late as I didn’t want to put it down until I was finished. It was a very enticing read.

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