The Grand Experiment

The Grand Experiment, an Expedition of Self Discovery

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Book Review

TGE2Imagine a reality where there is someone…or even three someone’s … who understand fear, energy, honesty and relationships, and how those issues affect our lives for good or bad. Imagine a reality where there is a simple way to find answers to many of life’s conundrums, or if not complete forever answers, at least a guide that can set one on the path to vitality, spontaneity and openness. That is what this book by Gayle, Madren and Karen does. Their personal experiences dotted throughout the book made it especially readable for me and helped me see that they have a deep understanding of what they are writing about…because they lived it. An ultimate book of self-discovery may not be possible, but this one has some great exercises that will help the reader come closer to that a-ha! moment that may be a turning point. Whether you read “The Grand Experiment” cover to cover or piece by piece, it really can help create your own experience and be more in touch with the consciousness of the world around you. M. Friend, Inei-Re, Hood River, OR

“The Grand Experiment” is a thoughtful and provocative opportunity for readers to explore and challenge what has been taken to be ‘givens’ in our life. The authors disclose their own life experiences to highlight myths generally accepted as truths. Offering real tools, this book provides a method for one s own expedition of Truth finding and exploring the possibilities of Life. This is a book worth reading and you will likely read again and again. C. Rugh, Portland, OR

It takes courage to look at our fears and childhood patterns which unexamined painfully limit our experience of being. “The Grand Experiment” brings together the transformative tools of spiritual exploration with basic psychology. Through the candid sharing of their own inner exploration the authors of “The Grand Experiment” have given us true gift. Direct and honest, this clear blueprint lays out a rich path of self discovery and invites us to follow. C. Toscano, Ridgefield, WA

Available in the Bookstore

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