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Pointers from the Other Side

Amaya Gayle speaks to groups about her experiences with death and dying, with the realization that death does not exist and that love is the only Reality.  She continues to talk with Kenny and receive pointers from the ‘other side’ which is not the other side at all. As Ken so often said, “There is only here, only now.” She incorporates these pointers into her talks along with her experiences with Ken’s cancer and absence from this physical plane.

Ken’s most recent revelations are on this site at Messages from Kendal. One of them: This is a painful place. Why do we stay? Why do we want to come here? “The sensuality of the planet. Only here can you see, taste, touch, smell, feel and experience life in this way. There are sunsets to inhale and horizons to scan. Only here.”

We are all going through an amazing shift. With the powerful shift taking place on our planet, we are being broken open so that we can more fully embody the Light that accompanies our Holy Name. Amaya’s transition came with the loss of her beloved. Others are experiencing job loss, financial anxiety, personal health issues, or simply the sense that something is off and the awareness that life is changing drastically in some or many ways.

Shift is the way we humans unfold and grow into more complete beings. The shift plunges us into discomfort, into the unknown. By its very uncertainty, it forces us into the present moment, into that place where we don’t know what’s next and where our normal guidance systems won’t function. The shift releases our grip on what we know so we can be transformed into higher functioning versions of ourselves.

In the past we only realized the power of the shift as we looked back from a distance. But now, as we are shifting and changing with god-speed, we can actually understand its true nature. The shift, the breaking apart, the discomfort and dis-ease is the assist. There are no mistakes. We haven’t done anything wrong. Quite the contrary, life is unfolding Itself through our experience, as us.

Amaya also speaks to groups about her books – one or all five – and does group and individual card readings from The Wild Child. The oracle is capable of discerning what card is needed for the overall group as well as finding the perfect card for individuals in attendance.

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