Riding the Tornado’s Tail

Riding The Tornado’s Tail

Tornado Front Cover_Sm_WebRiding the Tornado’s Tail (RTT) is the collectives’ tale represented by 20 unguarded accounts that run the gamut from cancer to schizophrenia, HIV to dementia. To make RTT meaningful and fun, the stories are interwoven with analogies from The Wizard of Oz. Caregivers learned to navigate their inner terrain as well as the outer landscape of lions, tigers and bears – the loved one’s decline, family interactions, dwindling finances and the oh my of incessant lessons from lives reeling out of control.

Few ask for the opportunity. Many avoid it when they can, but in tightening financial situations, avoidance isn’t always an option. With social services on the chopping block, many more will be called to be caregivers for their loved ones.
Weaving together Oz and hometown USA, Amaya offers those swept into the tornado a precious gift. Twenty stories tender many unique ways to respond to life’s unanswerable questions. These stories open a pathway through the chaos, extending caregivers the opportunity to cherish the time spent, to traverse the precious ordeal and come out whole on the other side, just like Dorothy and Toto. May you too, find guidance and reassurance as you are swept up into the ride of your lifetime.

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