Personal Support

The Shift is Shaking Us Awake

Starlight BeingAmaya offers one-to-one support for the journey. She no longer sees herself as a teacher. A teacher implies a student, a duality that simply doesn’t exist. We are all students of Life, as well as the omnipresent Life that guides and teaches. Together magic happens. It is always different, exactly what is needed in the moment so it is impossible to define how it works. It is the miraculous within Amaya and within you that does the work, the comunion of Truth, the Truth hidden within your experience. As you begin to taste, sense and realize the preciousness in the intimacy and immediacy of your day-to-day life, you find relief from the pain, from the need to run from or deny your experience in any way, and naturally discover a freedom (which paradoxically is not a freedom from anything) and unreasonable happiness.

If you are ready to trust in This That Is unfolding as your experience, Amaya can be of good use. She was born to be in service to anyone undertaking this incredible journey.
Working with Amaya Gayle I have discovered many new things about myself. I am forever grateful to her for giving me the courage to go deep within and take a look at the loving person I know I am. All aspects of my life have become more genuine. My work and my relationships with others are just the beginning. I feel far more present to participate in this journey called life. Thank you, for all that you do. —BB, Washington
Email Amaya if you want to explore possibility.

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