Come Fully Alive Right Now … It Is All there Is

This moment’s current best understanding … (stand by for more)


Oneness is without boundaries. All attachments are to a something, a something that creates a boundary, a separation of Raindrop_CMYKthe Oneness. Attachment to anything demands the loss of Oneness. Anything includes the idea of a self, the idea of God, the idea of Oneness

If I make you doubt the truth of your experience rather than staying present while you go deeper into your truth, I harm you. I take the God that is you and say, “This God you are … It is not enough.” That is a lie against heaven. It is the fruit of the tree of good and evil … fix this, change that, not this … this fruit is spoiled by a mind that sees two where there is only One … and even this lie is of the One.

Everything Is, Nothing Isn’t.

I choose, in each moment, with each breath, to live in fear or love, within the mirage of beginnings and endings or in the precious aliveness of NOW.

Fear says no to life. Love says yes … teach me.

The pains of life provide the doorway for a homecoming that is filled with peace and bliss. When I am willing to be with my life, regardless of its contents, that doorway opens. Life’s love and pain is the price of entry.

Nothing is Real but the Present Moment and my acceptance of or resistance to it. Everything but this Present Reality is my mind’s musings, a tangle of invention and inevitably leaves me in pain and unfulfilled.

Fear is a teacher; step into my fear, turn 180 degrees and face it … doing so, brings me face to face with the Present Reality. Curiosity keeps me loose and flexible enough to engage ‘what is’ regardless of the contents of the moment. Serious-ity is a signal that I am caught in the web of the mirage, defending, protecting, attempting to change and improve the mirage, lost to the Truth of my Divine Identity.

Synchronicity is more than special moments. It permeates me with every experience and interaction. Together we are synchronicity playing, teaching, unfolding.

I am an instrument for God to shine the light of Love onto all that is, as part of the unfolding of Pure Remembrance.

There is only Love, only God, only Wholeness, only Health and Abundance, ONLY ONENESS … and depending on my integration of this Truth, varying levels of beliefs in the illusion of a power stronger than God.

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