Messages from Kendal

Amaya speaks to groups about her experiences with death and dying, with the realization that death does not exist and that love is the only Reality.  She continues to talk with Kenny (Kendal) and the many other guides who watch over her, and receive pointers from the ‘other side’ which is not the other side at all. As Ken so often said, “There is only here, only now.”

His most recent revelations

In one death is all death. In one life is all life. Many of your tribe have left. It is not surprising that you might be feeling more vulnerable, a little bit lost. Lotus

Writing is a gift and a curse for you. It is not a destination. It is a process. Thoughts are not real. Desire to get beyond thought. Beyond thought it is easier than breathing. Breathing is the only thing we actually have here. Be present to the writing and be in the body. You must be in the body because you enter the void through the body. Through the breath you become present. Through presence you enter the body. Through the body you enter the void. Sometimes words get in the way of presence.

You believed that some people hide from you or from themselves, that there must be more depth to them. There isn’t. It doesn’t exist. They don’t have that degree of depth to access, not that it couldn’t be developed but it is not inherent in who they are. It may not be part of their path in this particular incarnation. And, we don’t know what circumstances will show themselves and alter their development. In this moment they are not working on the same thing you are. They are working on something else. Honor their process, their path. It is not better or less than yours. You miss the truth of who another is in expecting something deeper, in seeing them as somehow less. You won’t feel alone if you meet everyone where they are.

We are the salt of the world. Only a small smattering of salt or you ruin the soup. Only so much salt is needed to flavor the food. Only a small flame is necessary to illuminate the darkness.

Spiritual gurus of our time see the ego as a hot button. They are missing the point. Ego is part of the human experience, simply part of the package. Our work is not to overcome it but to offer it in service to the highest good. We are not to be a slave to the ego but use it as a tool. It has been distorted in service to lower self. Make friends with the ego. Don’t ignore or belittle it. It is the creative energy that spurs us forward. It is a force for manifestation and moves the human into action. Ego is right use, right action in the world. Many great saints have sat in their own excrement without ego to move them forward. That is not what you are here for.

Humans generally have six exit points, prearranged moments where they can leave the game without penalty. You have had 3+ already. But don’t think you are close to the end. You have been given more than the standard six.

Question: This is a painful place. Why do we stay? Why do we want to come here? Answer: The sensuality of the planet. Only here can you see, taste, touch, smell, feel and experience life in this way. There are sunsets to inhale and horizons to scan. Only here.

When you leave early before your work is finished (not at one of the exit points) you have to return and go through the exact same situation.

Manifestation is more profound than a belief system. Thinking of it as a belief system is inaccurate and reinforces the myth of control. It is not just that as you belief, so you create. The truth is simple, without being simplistic. Our beliefs are a composite of what we came here to experience, and the karma from past lives that we bring in with us. We are constantly creating new experience based on the path we signed up for and that reinforces what we believe as well. It is not as simple as changing your beliefs. You will be able to only if that is in alignment with what you are here to experience.
Earlier revelations:

“You are learning how to transmute illness. Healing is allowing the true self to flow through you. When you are in your body there is no pain.” I was reminded of my fall from the top of the cherry tree last summer. I fell fully awake, fully in my body without fear, simply with curiosity. For the next few weeks as long as I was present and in my body there was no pain. If I mentally congratulated myself on the magical painless fall, pain would  emerge. “When you are fully in the body and notice the pain, it is gone. Lean into it and you transmute it. This is how I managed to not use hard drugs, even with the neuropathy and the cancer, until the last few days of my life here. I was in my body. In the last days I was in my body less and less, getting ready to leave this plane, so the pain emerged and I needed the hard drugs.”

“You feel you need to have the direct experience, to understand how life works through your experience, but you don’t have to anymore. You simply have to know that you remember.”

Tell me about the 2012 Shift. “You are delving into the unconscious in a mindful way. Others are delving into the unconscious in a dead way.” Kendal and the other guides were very specific about the use of the word dead. “For 5000 years we have been living in a material world. December 2012 will herald a milestone, one where we reach critical mass for the shift from the material, to a world where spirit is in balance with the material. There is a (they used the film name intentionally) Zombie Apocalypse taking place as well, where more people will fall unconscious. As we reach critical mass, a huge segment will fall asleep. When a shift happens, and many smaller shifts have been taking place throughout time, there is always a holding on tightly by those who are unconscious. The unconscious become more unconscious. It is a pendulum swing that swings wide and will eventually bring all back into equilibrium. Some will consciously delve into the deepest aspect of Self. Other will unconsciously delve into the deepest aspect of Self. Either way, you are being taken to the deepest aspect. It is important to be more awake when you are awake. People will step into the street in front of you or drift into your lane of traffic because they are falling asleep. The Shift will be profound and yet subtle. You will not wake up on the 22nd and find a changed world and yet, the momentum will have shifted, the top of the hill attained, critical mass met.

What do I need to do to help with the shift? They sang the words, sleep baby sleep. “Literally, physically sleep. You will have more time with spirit. While you sleep, we will be teaching you how to accept more energy. Sleep as much as you can. We will train you on how to do healing work. You won’t wake up and remember the training. You will simply Know.  You are working so hard at making the shift happen that you are preventing the shift from happening. Rest. Do gentle exercise. Have fun. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.

“Being present in your body, is being present for yourself and for the Whole.”

“Many mystics know God … and yet, God is very big. Each taps into some aspect, not the whole. None of us tap into the whole. That is impossible. We can hear the voice of God. It is beautiful. And … the True Knowing is Beyond Words. Even God has Gods. Infinity extends in all directions, infinitely smaller and infinitely larger. You will never have answers to your questions. Good questions lead to deeper questions.”

Earlier Revelations: “The only reason you can’t see me is that you are not completely in your body.  Yes… (laughter) another paradox… (more boisterous laughter).. But that will soon change. Get in the body. We will sit across from each other and talk like we used to. Our talks will be a part of your next book.

Question: For a long time I have been getting the sense that we can’t make a mistake. Is that accurate? Answer: (Loads of laughter). There is no way to make a mistake.

Offered; not in response to a question: Obama will be elected. The President of the United States needs to be able to embody more light. Obama is capable of doing that. If for some reason that we can’t see in this moment, Romney is elected, that too, will be okay.

Offered; not in response to a question: Meditate more. It is the way you are being changed. New codes replace the old during meditation when you are receptive and totally open.

Offered; not in response to a question: It is time for you to find another partner. You do not want to be alone for the rest of your life. Find an earth energy, grounded and practical. (He saw my reaction and added) Only an open, alive Being would partner with you. (lots of laughter)

Question: Will you reincarnate again here on Earth?  Long wait. Answer: I am not certain. I may incarnate again in another star system. Earth is a very difficult plane of existence. I could come back by 2020. By then Earth might be ready for the full energy I am. I might come as a dog. I could bring unconditional love and only stay for a brief moment. … We incarnate. That is what we are, a continuous process of incarnations. I have two levels to go to return to Source. (He showed many forms separated by flashes of light. We are never in any form long. He has been my son, my husband, my mother); “I left early as your son. It was a short life.”

Question: Why am I the one left behind?” Answer: Laughter. Huge laughter.

Offered; not in response to a question: (flash, flash, flash) Nothing is important; everything is important.

Offered; not in response to a question: I didn’t believe people were capable of handling the full love that I am so I held it within. (could see that I felt regret at not seeing his brilliance until nearing the end) You couldn’t see what I wouldn’t show you.

Question: On my trip from Durango to Denver I was shown that we are twin stars. The energy was incredible so I knew it was true. I still don’t quite understand the meaning of ‘twin stars’.  Answer: We are from the same star. Unlike what many think, we are not all made of the stars. Sunny, Britt, You, I … all from the same star. (This is when he told me that his spirit name is not Ken or Kenny. It is Kendal. I thought it interesting that his mother was so close when she named him. He talked about recombinant DNA, that strands break and recombine into other similar forms, and that we are like that. It explained what I kept seeing when he and Sunny died, strands of DNA wrapped together.) You and I  are not simply life partners, traveling through the timeless in many forms, we act as a guide for the other when we are not on the same plane.

Offered; not in response to a question: You need to bring more energy here. You have only brought 40% of what you are to earth in this incarnation. You need to reclaim more of your energy for what is to come.

Question: Should I go to Ashland to the Stargate? Would that be helpful now to more energy here? Answer: Yes. Go.

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