Workplace Evolution

Workplace Evolution:Common Sense for Uncommon Times

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BB2009National “Best Books 2009” Business Management and Leadership Finalist

Final Front CoverUncommon times necessitate a reexamination of business-as-usual attitudes in service of a better way to do business, one that’s sustainable and capable of boosting compassion as well as the bottom-line. Current events demonstrate our undeniable interrelationship, prescribing a new business model embedded with wisdom and foresight of consequences. Opportunity lies in grasping the inherent limitations of the current individual success model and shifting gears to access our shared potential. Workplace Evolution addresses that opportunity.

I found Gayle’s insights utterly captivating and timely. Her revolutionary stance openly challenges current workplace practices the lead to stress and costly mental health issues. She makes the case that organizations must change now or face unprecedented loss in productivity. Read it and you’ll be convinced too.  Scott Suckow, CEO, Mental Health America, San Diego County

“Workplace Evolution
causes us to reexamine the way we do business, including practices we have taken for granted that no longer serve people, the bottom line, or the planet. It provides original and straight-forward, yet practical solutions that breathe new life into ethics, community and sustainable profitability.”  Jackie Barretta, CIO Con-way
“After reading this book I was inspired, re-energized and most important, reminded that true leaders can always find that seed of greatness and the true gifts we all possess. The seven workplace essentials offered by the author are on the mark in any leader’s efforts to create the legacy organization.”  Dr. Larry Bienati, CEO, CTM, Inc.

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