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This website provides powerful tools for awakening. Help yourself to free downloads of Vol. I-III, ‘Love Letters to God’ (Rumi-esque poetry). Dive into five unique books available in the bookstore. Gain insights from numerous articles on the home page/blog. Each one is written from the lens of direct experience. A visitor favorite is Messages from Kendal. It is a collection of the latest insights from Kenny now that he has left his body. Enjoy all the site has to offer. It is my honor to be here now during the time of your awakening.

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Cover LoveLetterstoGod

Love Letters to God
Gayle Gregory began writing these poems, or rather they began to be written through her, while attending spiritual intensives with her teacher, Elle Collier Re, in December 2004. The latest poem was written March 2007. They are in chronological order and are a testament to the mind’s ability to quickly and deftly counter any breakthrough threatening its survival and the Heart’s deep and abiding presence and absolute support regardless of mind’s shenanigans. They speak to the depth and breadth of her spiritual journey and are an open invitation to anyone willing to dive into a deeper understanding of the Godmind within.

Love Letters to God…All That I Am
This sequel to “Love Letter to God, Poems from the Heart”, consists of writings from April through December 2007. The Heart’s Win, the prominence of delirious YES is evident. These poems speak to the continued journey, the pure ecstasy of falling so deeply into Love that no desire for escape survives.

Love Letters I am that I AM
The latest volume of poetry is now available. It is called “Love Letters to God, I am That I AM.” This collection was written December 2007 through June 2009. Beyond the YES, all that survives is Love. The expansion continues. There is no finish line, at least none that is recognized.


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