Fairy Tale

Sitting in meditation last night was akin to being a character in a fairy tale. Meditation was happening without meditator — simply presence presencing … magical enough but that wasn’t the fairy tale. I saw a light, pale at first and then it expanded. From the shadows surrounding the light I could make out a door, then the shape of a house — a mystical house drawn from the pages of fairy tales — a steeply sloping roof covered in moss, such amazing angles, windows drenched in mystery. Light poured through the door, moving, undulating, beckoning.

As I watched the house lay down upon the page of a book — still emanating light and a magnetic pull. I saw that it was a book of stories that had no ending, enough blank pages for worlds without end. In this book my life — Amaya’s life to date — was written … only it didn’t belong to me. It never had although it was a tale of the many names this Being I Am has been given.

It seems we are pulled into the book to live another chapter when and as the Great Designer narrates. I, Amaya, do not choose this. Who am I to choose? I am the character in the book, not the author. Why? There are many possibilities. The one that is currently resonating is for Its own growth, through and as me. G-D is greater than the sum of Its parts and yet the parts do matter. Each time I enter a story I learn something new about myself, about the nature of life. I explore the universe, traversing star systems and middle earth with each new chapter.

Blessed to be aware, knowledge arises, clearly demonstrating that I am not the story and the story shifts and transforms. It is a form of lucid dreaming. I know it is a story designed to teach, inspire and enjoy not a living nightmare to tolerate, figure out, or escape by cringing in a dark corner. If I resist I am once again trapped within the pages. Surrender to the flow opens the deeper, transcendental cosmic reality.

Awareness is a gift of grace. Sometimes it comes as a lightning bolt epiphany, sometimes from something you read. Suddenly you recognize that another possibility exists and in that moment you are no longer chained in the dungeons of old beliefs. A new day dawns from which there is no recovery.

Anything can do it. Every experience holds within it the grace of awakening when you are willing to stop and utterly feel your life as it is. Even that willingness is grace, the grace of your life experience culminating in the futility of it all … and you stop running, overcome by the stillness of surrender.

The book of tales will still beckon. At times the G-D will escort you in for another quickening, a radically deepening experience … and your sense of it will be changed, for you have been changed. You, wild child, are the grand alchemist. Your life is the alchemy.

“The sacred self, selflessness, includes ideas of a self and no self. Both remain, arising and falling back into the abyss from which they came, always in service to the design.” The Wild Child, #52 Sacred Self

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