Simply Notice

Do you see how it’s done? Put some stories out there that play on people’s fears and you grow the base — people who were never supporters of the other side are suddenly protesting right alongside the faithful — not for the same reason (anti-vax or anti-something) and yet … the result is the same.

You don’t even realize it and there you are. This is how fear works. This is why fear works. This is why you will see so much more of it before November. It is easy to be manipulated by fear — God will send you to hell if you don’t believe the right way — support the right people; they are going to force vaccinations on you; there is a plot to kill off the population; the food system won’t support you anymore; it’s all a plan to control the masses … the list is endless … some may even have a kernel of truth within.

Once you imbibe the fear, who you fear won’t matter anymore — you will have done what you fear to yourself. Fear destroys immune systems. Fear prevents you from addressing anything with an open mind and therefore severely restricts what you can learn. Fear keeps you isolated, ever more isolated, engaging only those who think like you … and adds a layer of sticky suspicion to everything.
Fear cannot overcome love. In the end love will win. In the meantime fear shadows the love that is always here, masking the joy and happiness, making the experience like one straight from Hollywood’s hellish realms.

See the thread. Notice the way you feel. Do you feel open and relaxed or close down? Stop. Please stop. If you can hear these words you will. They are written for you. If you cannot, that too is what it is and must play out until it reaches its full conclusion, its crowning achievement of opening your mind and heart to the Whole — to all of us, to each and every one.

Blessings for the journey my friends. Even though we are a jumble of contrasts. we walk this path together. Your experience enriches mine. Bowed humbly.

“That’s the warp and woof of the wild child: dipped in awe and bowed humbly in wonder. Beam beloved. Life’s ferociously fresh moments undo you with each breath, taking all that you hold, leaving you innocent and empty – a wise and wonderful vessel for wonderment’s master plan. Card # 38, Wonderstruck — The Wild Child

2 thoughts

  1. So beautifully-wrought, Amaya. From one whose heart spirit has possibly? been stretched so wide it has no end. Humbly bowed, my friend.

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