Costa Rica Pura Vida

The mystery unfolds. Who would have guessed that a month after my health ordeal I would be in Costa Rica. The ticket was free. I was hosted by Jude and Theo, two very dear people who I now appreciate more deeply, if that is possible. The perfect person bought Kenny’s dive suit and a little pocket money appeared. The dive suit will be worn by a dear man panning for gold in Alaska with his son. I think Kenny would like that. I have to rethink my ideas of abundance. This feels abundant to me.

I am sending along an entry from my journal on the trip. I returned home the 29th and awoke the next morning to an inch of snow. It was beautiful. Beautiful green in Costa Rica … beautiful variety here in the Northwest.


The howler monkeys awoke me with their roar. Their primal sound entered my heart, mind and soul, took possession and then as quickly as it began, they were gone. Birds, trees, plants are abundant. Cut off a branch, stick it in the ground and it grows. That’s how David planted most of the grounds. What looks like manicured grass is a short green mat, no more like a thatch, made of leaves broader than shards of grass.

The first rain I’ve seen came during the night. It was short, sweet, and cleansing, defrocking the leaves of their accumulated dust. Movement is all around. As I sat on the porch last evening and this morning all about me was a teeming mass of movement. I could feel the landscape breathe. Orchids peek out of every nook and cranny, amazing me with their diversity, so many colors and sizes.

David walked me to a window this morning and shared the moment he watched Susie through the same tall pane of glass. She was covered by Morphos, the beautiful blue butterflies. He won my heart with his story. I could see the love in his eyes. It was more present, more palpable, than his physical presence. He seemed to melt into the memory.

Time seems extended, timeless and yet not slow, neither fast nor slow, nor concept at all. So much is taking place, so many connections, new people, new places, long drinks of presence. Dancing with Susie and David this morning, walking the grounds, sharing stories and connection. My walk with Jude to the guanacaste tree on their 14 hectare farm with John and Ed, all the while graced with leisurely conversation. The drive to Nuevo Arenal, then to Tilaran for lunch and to pay taxes. Sitting in the sun in the small town’s square, walking, eyes meeting so many eyes. Ola. Ola. Stopping at the pet store, the farmacia, the return drive to Monteverde across the miles of gravel road, bouncing, taking in the scenery, sharing laughter and love. Where is time? A shower, catching up on email, dinner, petting the dogs, long luxurious pets, journaling and its only 7 pm.

7 thoughts

  1. Gayle,
    We loved our trip to Costa Rica years ago…I agree, one of the most beautiful, serene places in the world. I believe it is an untapped secret….much love…Missy

  2. A few years ago I spent a year living on Jude and Theo’s farm. It was a life changing year.Living just steps away from the rain forest that the two of them hold so dear, was a healing experience for my whole family. Breathing in the freshly made oxygen and being surrounded by the constantly changing parade of wildlife, is still the fodder of my dreams. I am glad you got to see it and are able to enjoy time with Jude and Theo. They are lovely, loving people.

    • oh I feel so blessed to linger in your words and to discover the magic through your eyes … and I know I’ll have an opportunity to experience that wonderful abundance soon. ❤

  3. Hi Missy … yes! Isn’t Costa Rica wonderful. I so enjoyed my time there. The Jon Kabat Zinn book title still applied, “Wherever You Go, There You Are.” I had a lot of sweet unwinding, pure healing taking place. I am sleeping once again, perhaps the first time since Kenny was diagnosed, thanks to the perfection unfolding, unwinding my hold on life as it was. I send my love.

  4. You are a beautiful writer, Gayle, and I hope a book will be forthcoming on your experience with Kenny and his illness and also how you are healing yourself, and all of us, with your sharing.

    I had been on my way to Costa Rica, to explore the possibility of living there, when I made an abrupt U-turn and landed at HeartGate Sanctuary instead; which turned out to be a lifelong trip. I would still love to visit Costa Rica and it is still on my list.

    Much Love and Affection,

    • Hi Pauli. Both HeartGate and Costa Rica are Sanctuaries. I am working on the book. It is a slow process, as each new entry is a reliving of the experience and breaks loose that part of me this wasn’t fully available at the time. We don’t know how much of life we miss, that we don’t feel. Feeling it all is the answer and I at least, didn’t know how to feel more at the time. Thanks for your comment. I love you too. Amaya

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