No Escape

There is no escape. That is not the purpose of playground earth. We can destroy this planet and still not escape. That idea is at the core of climate shift — a desire to end it all, to watch it burn. Whatever tack we take, whatever way we attempt to destroy ourselves, consciousness will always recreate perfect circumstances for the continued lesson plan. Earth or some new planet, school will still be in session.

If you await the rapture you will be disappointed. Beliefs are not your savior, they are what prevent you from seeing the heaven that is already here. No belief can grant you a free pass off this rock. In the dark of night something within you knows that’s true.

If you are caught up in amassing more, even more, eventually you will face your greed, the empty hole within you seek to fill. There will never be enough to stop the ache, to stave off the fear, to heal your damaged heart.

If you await the white knight, or perchance believe he is already here, you, like the spinster pining for a husband, will continue to wait and wait … and wait, while cobwebs spin about your body, draping the coffin you have made of your life.

Fear and hatred will not save you. Rigid ideas and beliefs will only make life harder, hard like your heart that fears opening into condition-less love. Such sadness there is in such a life, a life that is not lived, not generously shared, radically enjoyed. There is no escape and hanging onto your disgust and damnations only intensifies the pain and suffering, drawing out every last bit of poison into your own body, mind and soul.

Life and its unfolding change, its perpetual motion is all that is. To escape that would be to shatter existence, all existence. Nothing would exist without change. The movement of the cosmos, the motion within your cells, is life renewing and sustaining itself.

Even death will not give you what you want. Wherever you go, so goes consciousness, for it is you; you are it. People try to escape all the time, even up to the point of suicide. What diesis the body, not the consciousness, the awareness of life life-ing. The body is reborn, the game re-engaged and take 2,take 3, take 4 ensues.

Only one remedy exists. Cut off all your escape routes. They have never worked anyway. Whatever you resisted was still here when the resistance ran its course, offering nothing more than a distraction from the real show. Be here. Be now. You’re all that is – the good, the bad and the ugly – and baby, that’s nothing you’d ever want to miss. Source organically brings all back into harmony as you stop and drop into presence; that’s its nature. Live the legacy beloved.

“There is no escaping a Source that is all that is, and that’ssuperb news. The brilliance, and the suffering, are here-now, nowhere else. Delight and darkness, expansion andheartbreak share the same reality.” Card #37, No Escape — The Wild Child

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