Anything truly is possible. The world as you know it can shift in an instant. The shift is activated by love. This uni-verse, the one rhyme and rhythm, is fueled by love.

… and yet, humans continue repeating patterns they set into motion: countries imploding, bodies aging, illnesses becoming more chronic, relationships failing, happiness and joy fading.

Nothing is set in granite. Most believe that the body has power of its own. This is a hard belief to deny. Living life, suddenly illness appears, apparently for reasons of environment, genetics, poor health habits, or bad luck — that’s another way to say it’s idiopathic, something for which the medical world has no reasons.

The idea that body has the ability to make itself sick is so engrained in our thinking that it is not challenged. The thinking of those who don’t agree is viewed as wishful, fanciful, irrational, deluded. If the body has the ability to create illness, which I question, it would seem only natural that it could create as well as heal. Some, those who point to healing the immune system, walk that road. They too, would hold my intuited suspicions deluded.

My current best understanding — gosh I love those words — is that consciousness creates and manifests the totality of our earthly experience. Working on the immune system is upstream from the symptoms but not far enough. It works at the level of the body. I tend to gravitate — when I’m not mired in the immediacy of reaction — to the head of the stream, to the Source of consciousness.

When all belief falls away so does fear, worry, doubt, and anxiety. Abundance, harmony, and health are not the outcome of effort. They don’t come from luck or hours of meditation. They are the natural state of life when the fear falls away and one functions from a lived state of love. They are what is when all else falls away. Love alone fuels the universe. Love is naturally present when we are, when ideas of getting somewhere, fixing something drop into the abyss, when all desire for something other than this precious moment ceases. Love is the big yes to our entire experience.

That is the work.

To see the thoughts, our triggers that pull us out of this moment is the path. To feel all the ways we say no, not this, please not that. That is the purpose of meditation — not to achieve bliss, which is delightful and addictive, but to clearly see the programs within that still have the power to pull us out of now-here, that still magnetizes our mind to engage and continue the long, unrewarding dance to anywhere but here.

Perhaps for you the dance of shadow and light still holds your attention, the game of being someone still pulls at you, body, mind and spirit. That cannot but be perfect for you. There are no mistakes. But, if something else is pulling you, like a tractor beam that won’t let go, these words are for you.

Each dark, inner pathway you traverse, every dusty corner of your mental and physical dungeon you enter, opens into new levels of understanding. With each one, every time, expansion occurs. You don’t actually do anything other than take the journey. Seeing the program, feeling deeply into the dense energy is all that is required. It brings the unwanted, disavowed experience into awareness, into the presence you are. Presence untangles the chains, the lies you hid within when you were unable to fully feel and accept your life.

Sometimes it is as simple as recognizing you aren’t present, that you are fixated on something, struggling or resisting your life. The moment you recognize you are not present, you are present. You are present to the fact that you weren’t present. You are present to your experience as it is. The more you return, the more you will be given to see. Those parts of yourself you locked away in the dungeon, those experiences you couldn’t feel, arise out of the depths, becoming visible once again and with your full experiencing, will at long last be set free.

“Sliding into surrender, muddied and bloodied by the ride, you become a crazy one, Source’s beloved wild child. You won’t care what others say, because you know the truth – your sacrifice, the cost of freedom, the unremitting ripple effect of sovereignty: priceless.” Card #50, Committed — The Wild Child

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    • I think of you often sweet friend. I haven’t gone to the prison since July 2019 — I had my heart issue the day after my last visit. I am told I am finished with my work there. Shawn, Kevin and Jake are all on the outside. I was there for Shawn. That became evident for me. I would love to see you. If you are ever in the area please reach out. I love you too! A

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