We are conflicted beings, part heart and a lot of mind that is easily twisted. We are a work in progress that is without end. It seems we are human or becoming more so. Human meaning of humanity, kindness and compassion. We are not attending college but a kindergarten, a playground for consciousness to awaken itself. What a rich dichotomy we are. We are pain and suffering, joy and delight. We are a sacred mixed bag within each body and within the collective.

We couldn’t have dreamed up such a funhouse ride! Perhaps this is why souls line up to incarnate here on planet earth.

In 2018 my mother was just about to come back into the 3D. She passed in 2013. I wished her a more pleasurable experience this next time and she laughed and told me that everything looks great from that side. Evidently we know what we are signing up for before we return and it looks just perfect.

Once reincarnated, we think in terms of comfort. It’s a 3D forgetfulness thing. The experiencing about to happen looks great from the other side of the veil because from that viewpoint we look at it in terms of the soul’s journey rather than comfort.

Remembering that makes being here an entirely different experience and that is found in the silence of your heart, in the heartfelt center of the present moment. If you don’t remember it’s okay. That’s part of what you are here to experience — the forgetting and the remembering. Life is good regardless of what it looks like here. Life is so much more than this 3D experience. There is nothing but life — life after life.

Loving you all! Play ball.

“Truth is best remembered in stillness, where it thunders through your system, rewiring everything that is not love, facilitating your triumphant return to here-now.” Card #52, Silent Thunder — The Wild Child

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