No Escaping This!

Years ago a teacher said that many would not make the shift. That sounded too much like Christian rapture theology to me so I closed my ears. Surely no one would be left behind. How could a loving God leave any of Itself behind? Wouldn’t that be impossible?

Years later I was given the vision of a bridge being pulled apart, stretching until it broke, leaving a chasm in its wake. Beings resonating in love could cross the chasm but those who were resonating in fear could not.

Often my visions are figurative rather than literal so my old belief system wasn’t challenged — too much.

Today, as my beliefs shatter about me, like bits of mirror hit with a supersonic wave, I no longer feel certain about anything.

It is apparent that I don’t have any power, that the individual itself is an illusion, a grand one, yet illusion nonetheless. The idea of This leaving a part of Itself behind is nonsense. That is nothing but escape fantasy. This is everything, appearing in manifestation and appearing to dissolve back into the pure potential. There is no escaping This!

Were a massive event to arrive and claim those resonating with death’s signature, that would be part of the cycle of Life — that which opens the door to another rebirth. There is no left behind or escape in that. There is the game playing out, recycling Itself to play again, like children playing hide-n-seek round after round.

Were the worlds to actually factually split as some native prophecies speak to, both worlds would still, could not but be This That Is as well. There is only This in Its multiplicity of forms, dimensions. and experiences.

Were the people of Love to disappear into a higher dimension, the 5D so many speak of, leaving behind the people of fear to their own world, This That Is is not harmed at all. There is no harm in this illusion, this wondrous playground of remembering.

Every apparent being is on their perfect path, is taking the fork in the road that suits their vessel’s consciousness in the moment. It could not be other. There are no mistakes, not in the conventional meaning, for the conventional meaning requires a preferred version from which to judge decisions. There are simply many paths, many forks, infinite possibilities from which This tucked (and so not tucked) safely within a vessel of learning, our avatar, chooses. Every choice holds within it the possibility of any path and each is perfect to the moment that created it.

Ideas of how this will all turn out are simply that, ideas, born of limitation from limited minds. This That Is holds all ideas, conflicting and harmonious, all seeming paradoxes without flinching one whit. We cannot know what will happen, can happen, could happen because it hasn’t happened yet!

Life morphs into manifestation when met with awareness, clear or not. The observer isn’t just a piece of the equation, it is the totality. The observer and the observed are not separate.

We live by surprise, even though we may clench our teeth in judgement and try to figure it out. We can’t. Our will doesn’t play any role in the game at all and yet .. and this is the fun part .. we are part and parcel, the whole and its parts, playing this game of life!

“Concentrate on one breath at a time. If that is too much, focus on the in-breath and then the release. It is human to want relief from the suffering. Stand steady in whatever is, regardless. Notice when you are entranced by the idea of escaping the bad appearances in your life.” Card #37 No Escape — The Wild Child

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