“I did not come to teach you. I came to love you.”

I saw this on a meme today and it stopped me in my tracks. What if instead of lesson after lesson, so many hard earned and painful, This That Is is simply loving us and it is only our resistance to love that makes it feel like struggle and strain, like an unending life lesson?

All those times we cried out, “God, please. Enough already!” were not the fault of the divine design but the blessing of Love making itself evermore self evident. It is easy to look at the struggle, not as easy to look Love in the Eye, to really, completely, honestly admit Love into those places we have cut off from Its supply. And yet, each time we do, each time we let even a glimmer of light in, we feel better, like a weight has lifted off our shoulders that will never settle back in.

Only one thing is ever being asked of us. Can we love This in all its expressions? Can we? Can I? It’s a BIG ask and yet, the repercussions from saying no are undeniably obvious. The price of not loving, so unbearably high. Loneliness alone is sufficient to reverse the patterns of lifetimes. Perhaps that is the soul reason of this pandemic.

Can we love All That Is? That’s the true purpose of remaining nailed to the cross in the present moment, no wiggle room left at all. All squirming away from the moment is resistance to Love, a no to love’s expression right now. There are lots of smaller steps on our way to the center of the cross and each one feels just as big for each one foreshadows the death of one of our no’s, one of the bricks we put into our wall to protect ourselves from this difficult life.

All those bricks within and without are places where saying no felt safer than yes. The held breath, the sucked in tummy, the shoulders around our ears, the closed mind, the hidden self, all and more are evidence of our no.

Life asks for our YES., for us to take our walls down brick by brick, to walk back into the light of Life and live fully, intentionally, in community with many of those whom we have walled off.

We are made in perfection. Each and every one of us is exactly as we need to be in this moment. Some are the flint, some the steel for the cosmic fire that will burn down all that is not Love.

Rather than looking at life as one interminable lesson — a rather sad and painful one at that — we can see it for what it is: Love setting us Free!!

“Open in a grand, vulnerable YES to life’s blossoming mystery and ideas of death crumble, the silliness is seen through, and not-so-honorable mentions are met with a cosmic belly laugh. Life alone exists, so die dear one, here-now. Die to the lie. Let your glorious wings spread wide and fly.” Card #8 The Grim Reaper — The Wild ChildLikeCommentShare

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  1. Your brilliance—your heart burnishing… shines through again Amaya. What a warrior you are, and transformer of experience. Thank you.

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