Life Lessons

Over the past months I have learned these lessons the hard way, or what I’d term hard if I didn’t know there is no hard or easy, rather just the way life is expressing itself now. Life has a way of fine-tuning us, of not allowing old patterns any space to thrive.

Eventually all that we believe will be stripped away. Why wait for a health emergency like me, or for the moment of your death to find a level of freedom most cannot even conceive of that is available right now?

#1 After anything happens let it remain in the past. Don’t drag it around with you like a sack of dirty clothes. If you do you will continue to clothe yourself and your next experience with the images of yesterday. Notice the thought as it arises. Notice the spoken words as they flow from your mouth. Notice the feel of your body as the memory attempts to pull you back into what was. Notice how you feel when not engaging your past. Simply notice. Feeling the freedom builds trust in the unwinding of all that was and allows you to let it be.

#2 Experiences arise. It is tempting to label yourself from the experience. I am sick. I am weak. I am dying. I am stupid. I am whatever. Stuff happens. That’s life in the 3D. It wouldn’t be life with its valuable lessons without it. Even so, it doesn’t change the truth of who you are. You are God in form, unraveling the entire collective belief system, expanding consciousness, freeing Itself from all that anyone in anytime has thought about life. When you see this you naturally don’t add to the pile of beliefs. You let the experiences be without giving them any meaning at all. Give them meaning and you give them power. Seeing that allows you to let it be.

#3The quest for sympathy is a dark and winding road. It leads deeper into the pain rather than bringing relief. It is not healing. It gives that from which you want to be healed roots to grow. The quest comes from fear that another’s compassion, another’s love will wane or disappear and you will lose the support you want and need. It comes from the many times you’ve been let down in the past. Feel into this fear. Be honest. Be real. Speak your heart. True compassion, the compassion your heart aches for, arises from the ashes of your fear.

#4 Being present, here-now, open and available to the the unconditional transformative power of Source is magical. When you see the chatter simply notice how you feel. Engage or let it be. See how each feels. None of it belongs to you. It is the collective’s. The more you are able to observe it, to feel it, to notice it, the more power it will lose until it loses its playmate, its reason for being and simply stops appearing.

“Notice your movement away from the hush, when remaining present seems too much. Relax into your experience and let it be. Let the richness of silence be your guide. Stop and drop within. What do you trust? The silence or the noise? Simply be aware.” Card #39, Hush — The Wild ChildLikeCommentShare

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