In The World, Not Of It

To be in the world but not of it.

My kingdom is not of this world.

What are these actually saying to us? These words have been playing in my awareness for the last week or a bit longer and last night as I thought about the election it dawned on me that perhaps this election wasn’t to set the world aright but to show those of us who are paying attention the fruitlessness of being of the world, of seeking the material kingdom.

Were the election to go what I would term badly, would that be bad? Would that not be more compelling, proving that this is not our kingdom and it is time to be in this world but not of it, to live in accordance with the Truth rather than the lie?

I haven’t been able to look at news today. Other than this quick post I haven’t been on social media. The strain of the material world is mighty even while I am fully cognizant that it is founded on shifting sands and in truth has not a whit of Truth within it.

And yet, here in form, we care about this kingdom which is not ours at all. It is such a quandary, a mixed bag of allegiance. We are human earth-lings. We care about others. We appreciate the sensual beauty that is found in the 3D. We incarnate to experience, to expand and grow and this is the perfect playground for that. And … we are divine, the one, the infinite invisible made visible. No wonder we are often split apart from our nature and from the Truth of who we are.

It is such a paradox, to care about a more perfect possibility for life on the planet and to know that this has no validity at all and whether this world appears to harm or appears to heal it is all still naught but illusion, a passing fancy, a holy hologram of infinity.

From this place of perfect balance, sitting in the sweet spot of the cross, suspended between heaven and earth remaining present to whatever presents itself is possible. Without the ethereal the earth walk is suffocating. Without the earthwalk the ethereal floats away into nothingness. Together they open into the Totality of Life and an Aliveness not possible without the perfect union of both.

So of the world or in the world? What offers the balance? Of the world drops the teeter totter to the earth. A head in the heavens flips the fulcrum the other way. The intricate precious balance requires us to realize the kingdom we seek is not here and to live fully human lives while embodied. — to feel, to love and remain open and available to Source inspiration with every breath regardless of what it looks like.

Who knows what is going to happen. I don’t and am glad of it. I knew last time. This time is a mystery. Whatever the result I will remain open and trust in the unfolding of Life in all its perfection even though I may not understand. Gotta love a mystery!

“Use all of your experience to find the perfect laugh within. It is always here-now, the haven of delicious, delectable comic relief, a hologram buster of infinite measure.” Card #28 Soul Music, The Wild Child

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