A Vision of Possibility

Years back I was given a vision. I saw a bridge stretching, like a piece of taffy being pulled apart. The center of the bridge stretched until it became very thin and eventually snapped. Two worlds were created from the schism, not unlike the world we inhabit now with its political polarities.

The vision foretold the world as it is now. It didn’t however stop at the breaking of the world. It continued and showed that those free of judgment had the ability to cross the gap and be of use, of love and compassion to those on trapped in their minds on the other side.

Those who are trapped cannot move across the gap. They are trapped in their stories of right and wrong. Unconscious of the reasons, they are trapped in the damage and wounds, in their hatred and anger of a world that could be so cruel to them.

It is not solely up to them to do their work as many spiritual beings believe. They are trapped, mired like an insect in amber. It is up to us to love, to offer compassion, to listen and simply be presence for them just like we were offered love as we were broken free of our chains.

As we sit quietly, offering our hearts, willing to feel what they cannot, miracles unfold. This is what calls us now. It will take place on a much grander, much bigger scale than the first wave of awakening of which we were a part, and will require a flood of Presence — a newly imagined Great Flood. This time no one will be left behind. You have been asking why you here. Now you know.

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