No problem!

September 12th, 2012

The idea of a solution buys into what Goldsmith called, ‘the claim’, the idea that something is wrong, whether it is an illness, a lack of abundance, a lack of harmony, or lack in any form. Capital C Clarity is that there is no problem, therefore no need of solution. Everything that one needs is here now. That could be in the form of reliable transportation, money to pay the bills, relationships that satisfy the heart. Buying into the idea of something to fix, something to change, maintains the separate identity. I am told to remain present, to live in the present moment. I see the reason. Only in the present moment am I not looking for a solution. Every solution I look for, whether it is a healthier, more beautiful body, a handsome man to share my life with, more money, more clients, more of something, keeps me, me. It reinforces a ‘me’ that needs something. And the idea of a ‘me’ is the only thing that separates me from True Nature … pure, pristine, God-ness … the state of peace found within meditation when the sense of self drops.

I am the substance of the Presence of Being. Each of us is. The Presence of Being is unlimited, bottomless, beyond even perfection, for ideas of perfection are from the mind and based in limitation.

The words I use give me away. My body. Problems of poverty. My son. They show I am based in limitation, in separation. There is a my. There is a problem. There is poverty. There is a son who could be happier, a son who needs reliable transportation.

Not helping a son, a friend, a stranger is unthinkable from the viewpoint of perfection. All things are the appearance of This taking form, Light in formation. If I choose not to help someone because of my own lack of resources, whether the bank balance is low or not, I buy into the idea of solution and problem.

The best role model for sons, friends, strangers, is my fearless generosity. There is no one here unworthy of generosity, not too many to help. The strangers on the street are us. The ‘too many’ to help is Me, the One. The problem is the idea of problem. Once clearly seen, the problem dissolves into Capital S Solution … the outpouring of Perfection that is always present.

It is abundantly clear. There is no limit to an open vessel grounded in and living this Truth.

“Even as you do unto the least of these, you do unto Me.” Let’s set the record straight. There is only the One. Now the words become clear.  It wasn’t about one man, one god … it was about the Truth that there is only God here, in each and every expression, in each and every form.

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    • Wow! That was another quick response. These two must be the fastest I have ever seen. Thank you for your words. I was having problems with the images. I do hope you go back and see the whole effect. The photo was taken by Robert Glenn and is in my new book.

  1. The claim has claimed me and wrestled me down to sorrow. Break away these ropes and chains built from fear, guilt, and anger. Lift the veil of fear foremost………it has worn its intricate netted pattern through my soul. This is a great post Amaya.

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