I used to call life in a 3D body density. Now I know it to be Intensity. Want to be fully here? Want to live as Christ? Feel the Intensity, the Whole of You. Feel the Creative Life Force intensified into the pinpoint of life that is your unique expression of This.

Until we feel what we have hidden within us, what we think of as our darkness, those hidden places will always hold us hostage. In fact, it is our self holding itself hostage, preventing us from seeing who we really are. Instead of feeling aliveness, we feel something else. Our willingness doesn’t stop the avalanche of feeling we are trying to avoid. We still feel. Sometimes we feel quite dead and yet it is still a feeling of dead. We can’t get away from feeling. Even numbness is feeling.

Feeling is what we are. We are Life pouring Itself into manifestation through the pinpoint of Itself called us. We are actually more than that, but for that I have no words.light body

On one level there is the game of resistance and suffering. On another there is This Loving Itself into Full Expression. Once the knots within that we’ve worked so hard to bury are faced– clearly seen and more importantly felt for what they are, ideas of good and bad, darkness and light, dissolve into the revelation of our True Identity. As long as there exists a preference for feeling good rather than feeling discomfort, the mind will see a prison and a prisoner and we will feel the isolation of imprisonment. As long as we expect the spiritual path to lead us into the light or to change our world, we feel the angst of expectation. Desire or resistance … worthiness or defectiveness … improvement or worsening …it doesn’t matter which polarity claims you. It is all the same game.

Stay Here. Just This. No where to get to. Nothing to change. Life. Death. Joy. Sorrow. Darkness. Light. God. Not God. Duality. Non-Duality. All concepts. See where you are caught, what you are unwilling to feel, and if you can, feel it so completely, so fervently, so unabashedly, that it bursts open and spills its sweet nectar. If not … no harm, no foul. Just see it and notice that right now I can’t feel it. That’s all. In the next moment, tomorrow, next week … who knows.

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