You are always newly born, fashioned from pure potential moment by moment.

What makes you smile? What drops you to your knees in awe? Right now I feel that way about you — all the you’s in this astonishingly miraculous world. Tears are flowing down my cheeks and my heart feels like it will burst open in pure joy. Do you know how incredible you are? What a wonder it would be if each creature could but glimpse the sacred throne within.

I sit here in stunned awe at your beauty and wish only that you could see through my eyes, could feel through my heart. Were that possible this world of ours would shift on its axis — irrevocably, instantaneously — from head to heart, from the secular to the sacred.

Perhaps it is possible, for moments ago I had no idea that feeling your magnificence in every cell of my body was even an idea, let alone a possibility.

Each day, moment by moment, in my self-chosen exile — the cave of wonders in which I often play — this world reveals a new and wondrous aspect of itself to me. Sometimes it comes through a line in a movie. Other times in meditation. Meditation seems to be life these days, rather than cushion time set aside to be simply available, available simply. Sometimes insight slips in with he recognition of a fear, one that has crept into my experience, a resistance to this holy design. Each moment is the breeding ground for another revelation, another heart opening — fireworks of divine portent.

So yes — as I am divining, deliciously discovering with this divining rod of a life I am, anything is possible even those things that haven’t yet fluttered into awareness. It seems the all access pass to this world of wonderment is nothing less than my full surrender.

God bless all the people, all the hardships, everything I have resisted, ached for and denied. Had it not been for you, how could I have learned the glorious lesson of surrender? You are my teacher. I bow humbly.

“The instant wonderment hits the mind emphatically stops. Dead stop. The experience is kin to sudden enlightenment, because you are here-now with nothing held back.” Card #38, Wonderment — The Wild Child

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  1. A wondrous moment indeed! Thank you for opening to its message and sharing it, Amaya. Almost beyond words…but not quite!

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