I have fallen into a deep well of peace. Worry seems to have drowned in the fall into the abyss. Forgiveness flows from my heart out into the world like fresh rain gently sprinkling a white desert flower. Gratitude streams effortlessly in the sweet freshness of forgiveness’s cleansing waters.

It is possible to be present to the horror, to let it be and be moved by spirit as it wills. The names are written — those who are leaving us now (perhaps me included) are already departed,

Kindness is our cure — not a cure for this dis-ease but for the healing of that which makes dis-ease possible. We do not who will be left standing. Those who remain will be the perfect expressions of the One to take this world into its next evolution, for we all will be changed. What we were is not who we will be.

My heart is on auto-pilot ticking through the hurts of this lifetime, of many lifetimes, offering up and offering out forgiveness — to the ones involved and to myself for the pain I caused along the way to others and myself.
Nothing really happened, even though at the time it sure seemed real. All those bits of hurt, all the ways I disrespected and felt disrespected were not what I thought at all. I was learning to love, to love and to be loved openly with nothing held back.

That’s why we are here, why we take form within the holygram. Thank you for your part in my story — we are all a part of each other’s story for there is only One. Not one of you ever caused me harm. I hold you and myself harmless. See through the game. Use this time to see what is in truth real. Then we will have a cosmic laugh fest together.

“Willingness to forgive is a holy step. It opens the heart and mind to move beyond the past, signaling Source that a crack has formed in your meticulously built tower of personal power and you are ready for demolition.” Card #34, Forgiveness — The Wild Child

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