No Mistakes Here

You will do what it is in your consciousness to do as will everyone else. That cannot be stopped, changed or altered. While you might seek isolation, another may attend group events. Whereas you show compassion, another  will only care for himself. The differential is not the people, not good versus evil; it is the individual programming, where it currently resonates. One is not better than the other. They are simply different.
One might attempt to change others, while someone else will attempt to change herself, to seek an escape from the program itself. Some will blame another in an attempt not to feel their own pain; others will blame themselves and spiral into depression. Regardless of appearance, it is still a program.
Karma will play out. That is the game here.
We are extremely realistic programs, simulations that facilitate learning. Programs cannot delete programs, one or the collective. They are created through karma — current and past — inherited programs — and create the simulation that allows us to experience what we incarnated for this round.
With our first I-thought the inherited programming  responded. New karma is created with every I-thought, every self-protective, self-enlarging, self-diminishing, I am a separate self thought. Those look like judgment, attachment, aversion and preference. They keep karma running in a perpetual loop.
There are no mistakes. How could there be? We are quantum holographic processors running expertly crafted, exquisite programs.
Often the individual programs interact with other programs as programmed.  Sometimes they rub up against each other and cause change — either embedding one or many programs more deeply or inspiring and calling forth a rewrite of existing programming, an expansion of human potential bandwidth.
I of myself literally do nothing, nor does any other I. There is no personal control on the earth plane.
While programs are running through us personally and collectively, creation creates through us in distortion of our grand design. The less programs, the less distortion. Programs are in control until they are deleted completely.
That which makes me seem like me is a program. Delete that program and I as I know myself no longer exist. That is the foundation of all fear. Fear too, is part of the program until it is deprogrammed.
Through Grace alone we are deprogrammed, rewired, reminded and attuned to the truth. If you can see this truth then your system is crashing, your programs corrupted. You are being debugged, original files restored and  readying for a clean boot. Your Holy Name is readying your system to perfectly execute abundance, harmony, compassion and love.
What can you do? Nothing. That which wants to do is a program. Stop if you can. Observe your proclivities if that is possible. Notice your preferences if you are capable.
There truly is nothing you can or will do.
“The grand design permeates everything. It doesn’t control outcomes, acting like the puppet master many fear. Instead, it responds precisely to the contents of consciousness, showing you in real time what’s happening within.” Card #59, Grand Design — The Wild Child

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