The Great Reboot

If you are fortunate to not be packed up and ready to evacuate you probably haven’t had to decide what you would take and what you would leave behind. I’ve wandered around the house today wondering what I would leave to the fates, what dear treasures I would tuck into my bag as I walked away from the farm perhaps for the last time.

I am not evacuating. I am merely housebound with the seemingly unending layers of smoke.

I just read an article on the devastation in Talent and Phoenix in Southern Oregon where I was raised. I feel such empathy for all the precious beings who have lost everything, many without insurance to find their way back. My heart breaks for the community’s loss as well. It may never come back and if it does it will not be the same.

Deep change is upon us. We are living through a state of the great reveal — a new reveal daily it seems. These are painful, heart wrenching times. The fact that we have yet to pull together as a whole adds an incredible load to the sorrowful burden we are carrying. Were we, the weight of it would feel so much lighter.

It is becoming impossible to hang on to life as it was and it seems that is the point. We cannot. It will not be enabled and when we try, whatever we hang onto will be ripped from our hands.

These truly are the end times and to me, that is a blessing not a curse, not the fulfillment of a much misunderstood Biblical prophecy. It is a reboot of a world that needs to die, not its end.

Think of it as the Great Flood.

The analogy of the flood is that God washed the earth clean of its evil: its judgment, hate and fear, its separation mentality, its rich and poor and gave it a fresh start.

We have needed a reboot for a long time. Many are awakening to the diverse expressions of love, opening their hearts to care for their brothers and sisters without exception. We are realizing that each of us is equal to but not better than anyone and that realization not only can but must manifest here on earth. We are standing down from the egoic expressions, what many call the seven deadly sins.

Even amidst the death and destruction many still cling to rocks of their self-importance, willing to drown, to drown us all, rather than admit the possibility that they’ve been fool-headed, manipulated by fear. Fear is a poor cellmate. It will chain you to the bunk when the door stands wide open.

It is not about being right or wrong you see. It is about surrendering everything you believe and seeing what truth remain once everything is given over.

Ready or not, like it or not, these are the times in which we live. The crucible is not the end. It is a joyous rebirth. Let that guide and thrill your ever-loving heart. Wild child, this is your freedom call. Paradoxical indeed, and yet exactly what your big beautiful heart dreams about in the deep stillness of the night.

“Life is always petitioning for your surrender, or in simpler terms, for you to be, to remain here-now in this precious moment.” Card #27, Genesis — The Wild Child

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