Who is it but the errant one, the believer of lies who desires to see through the lies?  Who is it but the manufactured house of separation, the abode of misinformation who desires freedom from the separation? Who is it but the dream character dreaming the maze, mesmerized by the labyrinth and sleep walking through its corridors who desires the dream’s end?

Realizing that, feeling that truth truly land, is such a non-doing that it utterly defies doing for there is no realizer, no feeler but there is realizing and feeling. Sensations, images, thoughts and perception continue without identification, with no one left to do anything at all.

And yet, doing gets done. Ha! No surprises here, for you were not doing your life in the first place. No one is. How mad is that. This truly is a house of mirrors, a carnival fun house, a playground of immense horror and sheer delight. How else could we learn? How else could we play? How else would This We Are know itself, experience itself? Duality is a base requirement. To know there must be a knower and an object of knowing: duality and this we are is Pure Knowing – Consciousness, Awareness.   

If you are playing the game of enlightenment – walking the path to be consciously aware that you are Consciousness, that Consciousness is all that is — if that’s your track this time around, slow to a stop and notice that you are nothing more than a thought, observe the truth that no thing exists but the One, but this Stellar Consciousness. All your movement towards, your attempts to do, to feel, to be, are the suffering you seek to avoid. Stop and simply watch the doer dissolve, like fat in a vat of lye, one molecule at a time.

The one with ideas, yeah that one, thinks it will look a certain way and will try to convince you not to trust your realization, not to accept the blatant and quite obvious simplicity of Life, the simplicity that has infinite aspects. That’s quite natural. Bit by bit trust will set up shop within the awareness masquerading as you.

Stop. Be breathed. Be.  

“Sitting in the front seat, both hands in the air, I ride life’s roller coaster and everything I need is revealed.” Card #13 Revelations – The Wild Child

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