Of Sound Mind

“Being of sound mind there is nothing left to do. Life is what it is; I am what I am, so I revel in the now.”

Looking for a cause in the causeless! Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive – to deceive myself that is! What a hoot! The mind is a tricky little beggar. It has totally bought into the idea that its job is to improve my lot in life, to lengthen my longevity, to add to the quality of my life, to give more ease and comfort in what it perceives as a wretchedly uncomfortable world. You have to love its spunk and tenacity, not to mention its sweet compassion and genuine concern, although its definitions of what is good and right are skewed at times towards the material world.

When the world is seen through, when this I drops into the ocean, when the peace than passeth understanding descends, this mind continues to ply its trade but it is no longer believed in the same way. It is seen for what it is, that mind does what it does. It finagles and manipulates, cajoles and insinuates. It has a job to do, and so it thinks. It plans. It chatters. It creates workarounds to the shift in awareness that is dawning … and new shifts are always dawning.  

What we think of as life is thought, thought appearing on the screen of awareness which is the real you. The thought of choice, of free will is one of infinite thoughts made visible through the lens of awareness. Even the idea that I choose, that there is an I is a thought, one thought of many, and no different than any other thought – both incredibly inspired and utterly empty.

For one who has not seen through the incarnation ruse, who is not of sound Mind, when the thought is bought­ into it appears that the shift in awareness was simply a blip. The real blip, the thought, hides in plain sight and the naked truth of shifting awareness is cloaked once again. See how tricky it is. Sounds evil but it’s not. It’s part of the divine subterfuge.  

The chattering continues, not at the same rate but continues nonetheless. I wonder how long the chattering persists without anyone to accept it as real. Without an audience, will mind continue rambling forever? How would I know? I haven’t lived those moments yet.

Watching the thoughts, I am aware that they come and they go. There is space between them. The space feels luscious, clean, empty in a soul filling way. Thoughts come into awareness one at a time. One actually has no more inherent meaning than another. Some have a greater electrical charge than others although they appear to have no real reality unless I touch them, trying to make them conform. Touching them seems to reify them, to make them real. They seem ephemeral, like smoke rising from an autumn campfire or clouds drifting by. In one moment the clouds are fluffy and fun. In the next they contain greater energy and spill potent intensity across the field of awareness … and yet, even as they rip and roar, when left alone, they are entwined in a lover’s knot within the divine disappearing act.

That which comes, goes; that which is made manifest, is undone, returned to that from whence it came.

Grab a hold and you go for a ride, replete with suffering. Watch and feel, experience without resistance and all, what mind calls good or bad leaves of its own accord. Resistance begs for big fluffy clouds. It prays at the altar of preferences. It desires to lie in the sunlight on its back in the lush green grass and craft mystical, mythical creatures from what it sees and believes. Resistance doesn’t want anything it desires to leave or anything not high on its list of preferences to stay. It is at odds with life.

Everything is part of the disappearing act except for the awareness in which it arises. Nothing stays, even when we grasp and contrive to cage it. The cages are built from the lifeblood of our happiness and do not give us what we desire.

Mind, this body of thought, is actually more than a trickster and less at the same time. It is devious to the extreme and the essence of nothing at all. It isn’t deceitful because it’s evil. It deceives because the one who is experiencing it wants it to be. S-he wants to experience the extremes of power and powerlessness, the rigid certainty in knowing and the freedom inherent in uncertainty. S-he loves the myriads of coloring books in duality. S-he is curious and exploring the wondrous playground of Earth’s resonant field. S-he let’s go into the void and time and again, reassembles herself for the fun, for the love of life, for the expansion, for the wild and holy ride!

Whether all this is conscious or not, this is so for each and every one of us.

 “Dance for no reason at all, for all to see. Life is your playground. When life feels tough, play more. Laugh, big belly laugh, until everything you resist falls apart. Love someone who can’t help you or with whom you disagree.” Card #54 Of Sound Mind – The Wild Child      

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