Whether you win or lose, see life as right or wrong, believe you live in the 3D or 5D, have beliefs that swing right or left, these all share one basic essential commonality. They are ways that experience takes shape, that it appears in consciousness.  

Sounds innocuous, doesn’t it? It’s not. It may be the most important understanding there is.  

What is life but experience? It’s not at all different from the timeless association of a movie appearing on a screen only this screen is the screen of our experiencing. Nothing appears, appears to happen, that isn’t taking center stage on the screen, and if we look closely, everything that is appears out of and returns into experiencing. It is the basic element of life, the holy grail of grails.   

What is difficult for humans to see is that everything, including their sense of self appears and disappears on that screen of awareness, of consciousness. I like to call that screen, experiencing, since it is a never ending, ongoing, all inclusive doing, doer and that which is done.

When we close our eyes and simply feel without labeling, we feel sensations that are normally taken to be a body but if we stop at sensing and leave interpretation alone, we see that what we call me arises as a field of sensation. Thoughts arise within experiencing and firm up the sensations, solidifying them into a distinct body. Thoughts don’t arise out of mind. They float into and through the field of experiencing, shaping sensations into a separate self. It’s pretty cool when you look at it that way. We are truly oscillations in the screen of experiencing.

Ideas vibrate out of thoughts and off we go on our resounding journey: left and right, right and wrong, win and lose, 3D and 5D, all appearing on the same stage with equal importance – mattering not at all and absolutely mattering. We can only act in ways that align with our oscillating field of experiencing for we, the separate self are not the chooser, the decider, the originator. With that in mind how could we have power to do anything? We have no power at all and yet, as experiencing we are the source, the experiencer, and the playground itself imbued with all the power of the universe. Everything, our self, our world, arises out of experiencing. Step back just a bit inside your mind and let go into experiencing. You do it all the time. Just do it consciously now if you are drawn to do so.  

For the separate self there is no way to discover this truth. The way is the experiencing, the playground we call life. Even the idea of deciding to go down a spiritual path is the playground playing with itself. Why do some ripples oscillate towards truth and others towards separation? Does it matter? Some simply do. It is only the separate self who asks such a question and that desire to know is part of the experiencing, that which arises on the screen.

I couldn’t see the screen, couldn’t see it was the one constant, the Essential Truth underlying all truths, until I had been shaken and stirred, vibrated in the centrifuge of my last breath. My grip on separation was so intense that it literally had to be pried from my cold nearly dead hands to be banished from of my field.

Perhaps, that degree of difficulty is not necessary for all of us. Thoughts appear here that say it doesn’t have to be so hard, it doesn’t have to take us right up to our last breath before we let go into experiencing. My path was surrender. The muse says it might have been easier to contemplate the screen but just maybe in order to do that surrender was required, but truthfully, who cares?

“Pure will is always operating. It is the only will, freely manifesting through the lens of consciousness, perfectly, seamlessly, effortlessly. As your consciousness clears, harmony, abundance and love manifest through the updated optics. Yippee ki-yay you gorgeous wild child!” Card #20 Free Will, The Wild Child.  

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