Most of us on what is called the spiritual path want to awaken for a reason: to finally be enough, to feel it, to know it without question and find peace within; to be accepted, included, not standing on the outside looking in, not separate from life; to find meaning, purpose in what often feels like meaninglessness; to soothe the heartache and stop the pain and suffering, to at last be happy,

While these are heartfelt reasons, truly precious and real, they are not the true impulse but the impulse made visible.

Life has an organic impulse built right in. It is the nature of its nature, totally natural, not separate from this which only is. It creates outer experiences that align impeccably with the inner landscapes of its creations, not to punish but in love. The immanent aspect of This, that which is the visual sensual display, is not personal but beyond intimate. It is the transcendent made visible.

Imagine creating a high-tech game where you, the creator, enter as an avatar and immediately forget that you are a player. You do the same with the entirety, all the people, the animals and plants, this world and all others intra and inter dimensionally. Really hi-tech … or absolutely beyond simple. You, the infinite become finite. You take on limitations. It’s ALL you but you don’t know it.

You build in term limits 😉knowing you, the one that is the avatars, could get lost in the experiences. Who wouldn’t? This is quite the magnificent amphitheater you’ve created. Any experience imaginable is on tap. Would be easy to get lost and many, perhaps most, of your avatars do.

Not only do you built in term-limits but you hide the love, the creative force inside each avatar. It’s right there hiding in plain sight. Whatever is believed is projected as the avatar’s reality. If she believes her friend doesn’t love her, everything she sees will point to that non-loving reality. If she trusts love she will see trustworthiness.

The design, not quite accurate but the word that came, is in your favor. It will not let you hide from what you are. It’s always offering up forgiveness, forgiving the idea that you were somehow just your experience. It points and repoints you towards the creator force hiding inside. Fear and pain hurt; anger and resentment burn holes; love heals. It’s all right here. It lays the path before you and walks with you through each gate. This that is, from which the game flows, is not separate from its creation any more than the current is separate from water.

It’s not as simple as change your beliefs and change your world. That’s pretty elemental for this sophisticated of a game. Beliefs are stuffed deep in the mind, hidden from the avatar, demanding excavation to get to their roots, levels and levels of excavation. They also hide in the body, resonating as traumas … because all beliefs are traumas to this that you are. Traumas up the difficulty level requiring love’s full and complete embrace.

You are the belief-less empty invisible centerless spaceless timeless wellspring of all experiencing playing the Creator Game, the ultimate high-touch reality game. Relax if you can. Love what is … if you can. If you can’t, you can’t. You will, when you will. Regardless, you are the love that powers the game, that is each avatar, each world. How cool is that!

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