Independence Day

Let’s celebrate independence, independence from what others think, independence from waiting for life to match a predetermined ideal, for a now that is proof that we’ve made it, that love has won. Yes, by all means, let’s celebrate.

For lifetimes we have let others define us, have let social norms determine our level of freedom, have let governments dictate what we can and cannot do, have stood back waiting to see if it is safe to show up fully as love.

Let’s celebrate independence from all that came before and step into our sovereignty, our autonomy, our true name. Aren’t you done waiting? If we wait for definitive proof, if we pause for permission we will be waiting forever.

Our name is love, not sometime in the future, but right now. We will never be more love than we are in this precious moment. Love acts through us, offering heartfelt caring and unconditional compassion, hard won through years of exploration devotion surrender, but most of all through the heartbreaking pain that came with consciously living in a world divorced from love.

That makes each of us an expert in our own unique way. Our paths, our wounds and trauma, our grief and torments have paved the way, have developed spiritual proficiency just in time, just for now. It’s up to us to use it, to offer it out, to be of service.

There is no need for the rules of man to grant us license when love is our name. There is no need for governments and power plays, for new and improved laws for those abiding in the law of love. All true laws turn mankind back to kindness, to caring, to consideration for the whole. Where is the need for anything outside of us when love sits on the throne of our hearts?

A new world is here now. There is no reason to wait until that right person finally admits that love has won. Love wins every time. It may not seem that way but that’s only because we are still listening to the others to whom we have given power.

Let’s celebrate independence, not with red, white and blue, or fireworks and BBQs, not even with parades and flyovers, the celebration of the machines of violence, the celebration of winners and losers.

Love doesn’t leave losers in its wake. Love’s only collateral is love.

So …

Overturn the money changer’s tables.

Stand on love’s soapbox and entreat the world to stand with you.

Stage a peaceful love-in.

Offer free hugs to everyone.

Put a flower in the barrel of a gun … or a cannon .. or behind your ear.

Stand in front of a tank and say, “No … no further.”

It’s Independence Day. Let your heart lead you. Listen to it and obey.

Every day is Independence Day if we decide it is.

I’m done with life as I’ve known it. It’s not life’s fault that I put stock in others, in a them. It’s all on me. I declare today, and every day, Independence Day. I do not need anyone’s permission to love, to live as love, to act from love, to extend love, to love myself. Anyone with me?

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