What if it is that simple?

Such a simple truth this is, so simple that it is persistently overlooked, thought to be nonsense. Surely … it can’t be that uncomplicated, so we keep looking, searching for a better, more complicate answer, something that will leave a semblance of control, an inkling of a me.

All manifesting creation arises in Consciousness. Consciousness is the one Truth at the base of any aware reality, no matter the basis: religions, atheism, hedonism, loss and suffering, joy and happiness, this dimension or higher dimensions of reality, life or death, awakened or asleep. If awareness is present, Consciousness is the omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent background. If a greater Truth exists, there can be no one to be aware of it. I can only suspect this greater Truth exists for as long as I exist as the observer, there is merely suspicion.

What if it is thatIMAG0302 simple? What if the answer all seekers seek is found abiding as Consciousness, Consciousness that judges nothing, loves everything, doesn’t separate or compare? What if you are That and all your searching deprives you of that knowledge?

Experience tells you that nothing happens outside of Consciousness. Consciousness is the one constant whether you are happy or sad, suffering or at peace. If you are in movement, attempting to achieve something, struggling or meeting a degree of what you call success, Consciousness is there. If you are stopped, meditating or simply resting, Consciousness is present. What is present when you dream? Consciousness. Near death experiences relate the continuation of Consciousness. When all is stripped away, everything we think we want and need, ideas about God and enlightenment, all judgments, all beliefs, preferences and desires, what is left? Consciousness.

It is the only constant. By process of elimination, you are That. If it is that simple what comes up for you? What meaning do you give the meaningless? Can you allow yourself to sense it, to feel it and breathe it in? Meaningless is so much more than the mind wants it to be – so much more.

What if there is really is nothing that is more right or more wrong than anything else is? What if being sick is identical to being well, or being alone is as powerful as spending one’s life with a loved one? What if being alive is no different from being dead and being hated and being loved are one and the same? What if no mistakes have ever been made and you, and everyone else, is perfectly placed regardless of whether you are dealing with incest or rape, are waging a war against another, be it country or corporation, or are deep in grief or the dark night of the soul?

Stop searching, if you can. If you cannot, if you want IT to be something different, to have a different taste or feel, then by all means, continue on. Consciousness will be Right Here when you are done trying to add to it or release its contents. It is Intelligence. It is all-powerful. It is the here, now Reality. It is who and what you are.

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