Source Code Genesis

A new reality for all physical experience, not just healing …

I am playing with a new Genesis of Source Code and learning more with each moment about its power and potential. It is an intense process that takes me into the space of not holding anything. Cells have memories that extend back to the origin of soul/self. We can access its entirety and find the stored memories of hurt and harm, fear and rejection, humiliation and loss. These are what hold old patterns and stories and rebuild our bodies in their reflection. We are not limited to these patterns. We can empty ourselves of them completely.

Fear mentality can’t grasp Reality.  Amaya

Back to the beginning … A couple of days ago I went upstairs to my small, short-ceilinged attic. The downstairs bedrooms were full and I needed a space for a visitor. I vacuumed the habitually trashed space and cleaned up the ledge where the window molding would be, if there was molding. When the space was acceptable, I lugged the vacuum cleaner back down the beyond-code-steep stairs and hauled the fancy blow-up bed, and a pile of bedding, back up. I banged my head ever so slightly on the slanted ceiling as I reached across the small, restricted space to put the fitted sheet on the little bed. As I did I felt my Achilles pull, and a stabbing pain ran up my leg. It ached and burned to walk. In order to get back to the living room, I had to sit down and lift myself down one stair at a time.

I asked Britt, one of the community members here at The Farm, to do some energy work on my ankle, hoping to lessen the damage. She started to work on me and immediately heard that I needed to do what we had seen the night before in the movie, Source Code.

In the movie, a soldier named Colter Stevens wakes up in the body of an unknown man and discovers he’s part of a mission to find the bomber of a Chicago commuter train. He only has access to the last eight minutes of the unknown man’s life to help him find out what happened. Like in the movie, Groundhog Day, that same tape plays over and over again. With each 480 seconds, he figures out a little more, eliminates suspects, and learns more about his own life. As the seconds tick by, he scrambles to find the truth before his ability to tap into the Source Code runs out.

Colter Stevens: Eight minutes and then I blow up again?  Source Code

As soon as Britt said it, I knew she was right and I immediately started into my eight minutes. I walked up the stairs with the bedding and paid close attention to how I placed my body and still, I pulled my Achilles. As soon as it did, it was as if the train exploded, and time started all over again. It never started at the same place though, each time I knew more and when it blew up, it blew me into another starting place.

I found myself sitting in my office, standing up, getting the vacuum cleaner, going through all the motions, and noticed that I was doing just that, going through the physical motions and not feeling my way through the experience. Again, when I reached the point of placing the sheet on the corner of the bed, the Achilles pulled. It propelled me further back into the experience and time started again. My eight minutes extended into fifteen, and then twenty. I didn’t count, so can’t say how many times I relived the experience and felt the Achilles pull.

I asked, “What do I need to see?”

This time I saw my inner experience rather than simply the outer. My state of mind, and state of being, when I went upstairs was critical to the story. I was miffed at being left to prepare the space for one of my roommate’s friends, someone I didn’t even know. My roommate came to my office door and said he’d be back in a few hours with his friend, and left. It seemed inconsiderate to me. I could have left it until he returned but that seemed crazy, so I didn’t. I was huffy when I grabbed the vacuum and went upstairs.

I calmed myself, and accepted my role of being in service. Mentally, I went back to the closet and took out the vacuum. Calmly, I went through the steps, cleaning, preparing and carrying the bed and bedding upstairs. When I went to put the corner of the sheet over the bed’s far side, my Achilles pulled and instantly, I was sitting in my office again.

“Okay. What did I miss?”

The answer was simple. “Feel it.”

I sat in the chair, felt my body and my anger until it moved of its own accord into service. As that took place, I knew there was more.

As I listened I heard, “Who goes upstairs?”

It was obvious at last. “I can’t go upstairs, in service or not. Spirit goes upstairs. Spirit moves this body up the steps. Spirit is present, nothing more…nothing less.”

I watched as spirit went to the closet and pulled the vacuum out, took it upstairs and cleaned and prepared the space. I continued to watch closely as Spirit walked back down the stairs to get the bed and bedding and carried them back upstairs. I paid close attention as spirit reached across the bed and slipped the sheet over the corner and with a bit of surprise, realized that I hadn’t blown up again. The Achilles didn’t pull. I wasn’t home free yet, so I continued watching as I walked back down the stairs and across the living room to the chair I was sitting in.

It was done. I opened my eyes and stood up not sure what I would find. I found nothing, no pain, no ache, no burn. I walked outside and down a small steep bank, and no pain. The pain was gone.

Sitting in meditation that evening I asked, “What is real here?”

The answer was quite stunning. “Nothing and everything. If this was Reality, you couldn’t have healed your Achilles. Life here is an exquisite hologram.”

I heard a big laugh, and was reminded of a scene in Matrix.

Spoon boy: Do not try and bend the spoon. That’s impossible. Instead… only try to realize the truth.
Neo: What truth?
Spoon boy: There is no spoon.
Neo: There is no spoon?
Spoon boy: Then you’ll see, that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.

If you want to play with this, and need a little help going through the steps, let alone allowing yourself be blown to bits repeatedly, I am willing to play along with you. I find this new information fascinating and want to learn more.

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  1. Hello again. Today Oct 13, 2013 I discovered in my Gmail account, where your articles were being stored. I read your Sept 5 article and wrote a reply. After I sent my reply, then I read your Oct 6 article. It was as if your Oct 6 was a direct reply to my Oct 13th question “And how real are my experiences?” My only comment to what you shared on Oct 6 is to expand your message to “A New Reality For Physical Experience”, not just healing. Namaste’….Wayne

    • Beautiful dear friend. Don’t you just love the magic of this unfolding. Not always a pleasant experience … and yet it can be if we allow it to simply be and to feel, to no hold only anything. Great joy!

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