Source Code Genesis II

In October of 2013 I wrote a post called Source Code Genesis. (linked below) It represented a considerable breakthrough in my thinking at the time, helping me see how physical injuries are prolonged, solidified in the 3D. I discovered a process whereby I stepped back and back and back — one step at a time — to rewire thinking that allowed the idea of harm to thrive.

That morning I pulled my Achilles tendon, badly, to the point that I couldn’t walk on the foot at all. Through a moment by moment, step back process of discovery, the damage was reversed, uprooting much of my ingrained belief in reality.

It seems impossible that took place nearly 8 years ago. The process faded over a few weeks, forgotten as if it never occurred. Why? I realized that nothing based in process, in dogma, in what was, could ever pin down truth. It wasn’t the process that healed my tendon. Opening into the truth of here-now, into awareness Itself, healed me in that moment as that process. I realized that remaining empty, open and vulnerable, letting Awareness have Its way, following Its guidance while knowingly abiding as Awareness was the way, not following a prescribed behavior.

Imagine my surprise when this lesson came back last night in a slightly different form, not to heal a physical injury but to address a much bigger, more dug in linchpin of duality.

When I was doing the Source Code Genesis work I saw my tendon injured over and over. Each time, as the tendon pulled, I somewhat violently bounced back to a time preceding my start point of the just finished replay. This happened repeatedly until I came to an understanding that imbued the experience with wisdom that prevented the injury. The answer wasn’t about not doing something or doing it right. The lesson was about integrating the nature of our being into experience, realizing that who we are cannot be harmed.

What I saw last night was the tiny voice of dissent hiding beneath the deeply felt, fully grokked understanding of Truth. It stands on lifetimes of programming in support of good and evil — the fruit of the tree, the serpent laying in the grass. It is so quiet as to be missed if you aren’t extremely astute. It is the silent killer of dreams, the reason the body won’t heal, the purveyor of aging and death.

And the process began … back and back and back. Source Code Genesis in a new form, repurposed by Awareness Itself, for Itself. There is nothing here but Awareness — non-dimensional, timeless, edgeless, eternal, emptiness, all encompassing, all inclusive — and Its expressions, made only of Itself for there is no thing other than Itself.

How could evil exist? How could there be anything but This? Impossible! Veiled by fear or simply As It Is, Awareness is all that Is. Fear veils the Truth of our No-thing ness and yet, fear when seen clearly, is smoke and mirrors, nothing at all, nothing more than an illusory expression of This, made of This — part of the game of falling asleep and waking up.

When all the veils dissolve Awareness functions without the veil’s distortion, in harmony, abundance, love and happiness. That is it’s all inclusive, all encompassing, playful manifesting nature. The veiled mind, the belief in good and evil, the silent killer of dreams abdicates its stolen throne, crowning love in its rightful place. Just so you know … the party is in The Garden, celebrating our assured return.

Source Code Genesis | Amaya Gayle

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