Arguing with My Creation

Do I absolutely know that you exist? I see what I think is a you. I hear this you, make sounds. I react to expression, tone, movement and touch. Is that certainty? Is that sufficient proof to confirm that I am not alone in this place? These reactions, and little else, are what pass for certainty in this world made of illusion.

Where does this you appear? You appear in what appears to be my awareness. The experience I call you, is simply a combination of neurons colliding and chemical firings, of synaptic responses that take place within this that is having the experience of you. For all I truly know, you don’t exist at all, and I am the only one here, since all that I take you to be happens within me. Oops. The only thing I know for sure is that experiencing is taking place. I don’t absolutely know that I exist. Experience is. Period.

Let’s just assume that I exist, or at the least, I can call this experiencing, I. Within this experience that happens here—now, I create my version of you – each of you, even those whom I have never personally met, whose energy I haven’t experienced, and whose heart I have not felt. Heck, we do it all the time. We read about some politician in the paper and instantly we have our take on them.

This gets fun, so play along with me. This idea really isn’t too hard to accept since we all see through the lens of our experience. We constantly sort through life and choose what to accept or reject, deciding what feels right and wrong based upon our beliefs, our thoughts, and our past and present reactions. What one person might see as positive, another might view as a negative. What you might get excited about, might make someone else cover his head with a pillow, refusing to get out of bed at all.

In essence, we each create our world. There are as many worlds as there are vehicle of experience. You create me— your version of me. Of course, that has nothing to do with who I really am but you don’t know that. How could we continue to run through this maze if we knew all the exit points, all the tricky esoteric rules of creation? Would there be a point to it? For me the answer is an easy yes. You might not feel the same.

If you create me, then I create you, that is, if you exist at all, and likewise for me. I create you, and then I argue with you, or my creation of you. I create you as I think you are, and then I decide whether I like you or not, whether to interact with you. I decide you are right or that you are wrong, and I keep all of this partitioned off from the realization that you don’t even exist, other than in my creation. What a screaming hoax.

When I created you, I was younger. I had fewer experiences. I hadn’t grown to this point in my evolution where I can see the beauty in all Beings, so I created you as imperfect. Even the perfection, which I endow my creations with today, will be less than accurate tomorrow, for with each breath, truth expands and awe deepens.

I can only humbly bow and know I did my best, even though my best at the time was flawed by the youth of my understanding. I do the same for you, if indeed you or I do exist. Perhaps the physicists trying to determine whether we actually live within a computer program are onto something. If we do, I for one, hope that the creator is having a blast watching us assume Its role.

2 thoughts

  1. What if the you is actually an extension of me expressed in another form. Would knowing this change the rules of how I play the game?

    And how real are my experiences? A few days ago I had a disagreement with my wife. That evening I noticed upset welling up within me and realized it was coming from the meaning I was giving to my earlier encounter with my wife. Much of the upset was fear that if I didn’t resist what she was proposing, it would be my fault when the outcome turned out “bad”. I made a choice to disconnect who I am (my value) from the possible outcome that I didn’t want and redirected my thoughts. The moment I changed my thinking, the upset dissolved. The curious thing was that my awareness was on my current experience of upset, not on what transpired earlier. Something clicked in me that made me realize it wasn’t the earlier encounter that was giving me upset, rather it was the meaning that I was presently giving that past experience. I was able to notice what my mind was up to in the current moment, almost as if my mind were a separate entity. When I chose a different meaning it enabled me to unhook my mind from the past. I was overriding the thoughts coming from my mind.This whole process occurred in a matter of seconds and felt surrealistic. I was feeling grateful my upset had vanished but it brought up this question how real are my experiences if my thoughts have such bearing on what I experience? Am I at choice in regards to the meaning I’m giving my circumstances which in turn are dependent on my perceptions? Seemingly I was at choice concerning the meaning I gave my above experience. And I’m totally in awe of being able to exercise that choice regardless of whether my experience was real or not. Thanks Amaya Gayle.

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