This I Am,  forgive this one who falls time and time again into belief in her power, into the illusion that she of her own self, can do anything. I have long been aware of the ongoing conversation, the humorous joke constantly alerting me to old beliefs held deep within cells that keep reassembling an existence able to act outside of You.

This individuated aspect of You, claims over and over again, your power, the power that only exists and acts through You, as me and every other being that has ever been or will be. You certainly made it tricky, requiring that I experience life as an individual. that I allow the illusions to permeate my senses and the feelings to overrun my nerves, in order to realize the Truth that I simply do not exist as anything but You.

This aspect of You, would humbly, soulfully, ask for the entire illusion to give way to Truth, for only Truth will satisfy even those of us who have not recognized Its call, if this I believed for more than ten seconds that there was a You and an I. You obviously enjoy the game, for it is a grand game we have.

I, this sense of a me, bows in remembrance of my non-existence as anything but You. You bows to You. For there is no other. There is beautifully, magnificently, graciously, This I Am.

If I was here to experience complete dissolution into You, that would already be accomplished. For You unfold and expand in absolute perfection. The Imperative You are, creation expanding, love loving Itself can only succeed, for it is what You are. And alas, in this shining moment, I am not here to experience annihilation, I am here to experience This I Am, Truth in another form, the Truth of I, complete with the desire for communion, reunion, all illusions shattered. And occasionally, the belief that I am the doer. that I have control, that I could move heaven and earth if only I surrendered more deeply, bowed more completely … and Your blessed reminders that resonate with such a Divine wallop.

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