Praying Aright

I do not ask for abundance, for

more or less of anything. You,

Sweet Truth, know

what I desire, what I

need before the thought arises

within this mind. It would

be silly, no, it would be gravely wrong

to ask for something you give

freely, automatically, like

the sun offering its rays to the earth

without thought of who benefits, shining its

warmth evenly on all. Asking would be an

admission that I do not trust your love, your

power, your knowing and vision. It would

mean that I question your ability to provide

whatever is required, that I see conditions

in your unconditional love. Asking, I would tell

a story of a powerless, miserly God. Asking I

would create the condition called want. I would

make of myself a beggar and decry the truth of my

lineage, in denial that I am Your child.

I do not ask for health, for

a cure from illness, better

food or clean water. You created

this earth and all was Good. There

was no evil, no harm. How could

you be all knowing, all seeing, all

powerful if there is another power

that can undo what you created? How

could there be anything

that isn’t You?

You did not create disease, pollution,

carcinogens, the ills of our time, therefore

they must not exist in Your Creation.

And to all those who say what about

the fall, the apple and the snake, the

cause of all our troubles, I ask, “Where

was God when Adam and Eve plucked

the fruit?” God is everywhere, all seeing.

Either it was a Divine set-up to put the

game in motion, or it didn’t quite happen

the way we’ve been told.

My world is Your creation, so these

curses cannot exist in this appearance of time.

It is the illusion, the dance of maya. I feel

your touch telling me this is what we are here

to remember.

I see now, that the idea of harm

is the lie, the mis-take in our thinking. It is what

hollows out the gaping hole in our hearts and

pits us one against the other. A new

understanding of our experience, a rewrite of

epic proportions is called for, ye,

it is demanded as nothing remains

of the lie. Once seen, it can only

fall apart in the light.

This is what Jesus knew, why he could

heal the sick and raise the

dead, how the loaves and fishes magically

multiplied, why the wine flowed freely.

He knew You.

He knew that you didn’t create anything

that wasn’t Good, that wasn’t God. He

knew that all that is needed is supplied and so

he waited, not trying to create, but simply

elegantly, waiting and of course it appeared. He

knew that illness and disease did not

exist, that it is impossible for imperfection to

infect a perfect world. He knew that only God

exists. He knew the Good and refused

to be blinded by the lie, to buy into it in

any way. He knew the Father, that the Grace

of God was on the field, in all ways, always, and

that it would never desert him. That it would

be with Him forever, that it is with each of us

in undiluted power, fully imbued in each aspect of

God’s creation. It is the true inheritance of each son

and daughter of God … as we claim it, acknowledge

it, step forward into the Truth of our ancestry.

3 thoughts

  1. Powerfully wrought, my friend! Thank you for allowing your knowing to be tapped, to be known. You and we are opening, opening to Truth by being love that is the connective medium, that which puts us all in the Field, playing. My body awareness misses being with yours..all so much fun! Love, bandhu

    *Kathy Bandhu Morter* 208-221-5784

    *If I really see you, I will laugh out loud, or fall silent, or explode into a thousand pieces. And if I don’t, I will be caught in the cement and stone of my own prison. * Rumi

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