Rainbow Waterfall

It’s the craziest thing you could possibly do. Share it with others and they will think you have lost your marbles, everyone of them. Yet, it is the most mind-blowing gift you can give yourself. You win and so does our world.

For the past several months, I have been unconsciously playing a game with God. He knew about it; I didn’t. Yes, I knew I was being stripped of all my holding patterns. I had felt the tumultuous burning of my cells, the old blueprint being meticulously re-coded. Many nights I did not sleep there was so much energy moving. I knew that anything I held dear was a block to embodying my True Nature and was willing to do whatever God asked. At many levels, I knew I wasn’t making the decisions, that God was in the game. Yet, I still existed as an individual thought form who wanted something. Even though I knew I wasn’t in control, an unconscious part of me thought I was, in fact, still wanted me to be, and was holding on.

The game’s simple. God has absolute control; I have none. Every time I attempted to move outside the parameters of the game, God quickly reminded me that the rules are universal, cosmic. Sometimes the reminders were blatant, out-loud laughable, sometimes a little more subtle. I can just imagine God’s version of a stubborn-meter – Today we need earthquakes and lightning strikes; she’s more obstinate than usual. If only I knew then, what I know now. I would have dropped to my knees in shameless surrender and never gotten up.

It dawned on me today as I was walking at the lake that this game didn’t have to be unconscious, that anyone who was so inclined could play. What would happen if someone knew and trusted what was at stake? I wondered if it would be easier that way, conscious that is. I did not and still do not know. I wondered if the Big Game would come to quicker resolution. Could a conscious player willingly release all holding, all semblances of power? As I pondered the question, I was given an answer, “That would depend on the player.” I smiled as I realized that with anyone crazy enough to play this game, all bets were off.

Here is what’s at stake. When God is in control, when I make conscious contact and listen to the small voice within, all of God’s Good is mine – health, abundance, harmony, healthy relationships, magic and miracles. I own nothing, yet the entire abundance of the Universe is available to me. It is not my health but God’s perfect health that pours through my form. God’s love explodes into my love for you. I have access to the whole, undiluted power of God as I simply let go of every need. Yeah, you knew there had to be a catch. It’s a doozy. In order to enter into this world I must let go of every need and trust that God knows my every need before the idea, the thought, the desire ever arises in awareness.

I guess that is why it’s a game and why it takes so long to play it through. More and more are playing. More beautiful souls are discovering the truth of God’s true grace. It is always flowing, always present, like a rainbow waterfall, each color a different aspect of God. Each aspect of that grace ours, always ours, never not ours.

There is just one little requirement – and it will seem little when you’ve played through – even though it appears to be a huge leap of faith; ah but that is the nature of the game. You don’t have to let go of anything real, just everything that appears to be real. If you play the game you will realize that there is only one power, not two like good and evil, or many like all the versions of personal power. There is only one power, and that is God.

Seek to know God. Seek the Cause, nothing else. We have been so busy seeking the effects, the Good of God, that we missed the mark. God is the Cause, the Source of all Good. When we fail to seek God for God’s sake alone, there is no effect. Maybe that is why so many spiritual seekers have found themselves in financial need, with health issues, or feel disconnected at times. Seek the Cause. Meet God. Truly, Real-ly meet God. When you do you will trust so completely that you, that package of desires and wants and needs, will dissolve into the Presence of God’s perfect design with the absolute knowing that it is impossible for any need to be unmet.

Game changers:

Meditate to still the mind enough to make contact.
Settle into the Silence and let God come through. Be still and listen.
Go to God with no desires other than to know Him.
Seek the Cause – it is all Cause. That’s the reason seeking effects isn’t effective.
When you are S.O.L., S.hut Up, O.pen Up and L.isten Up … Thanks Anrael Mukanday
There is nothing to do, to accomplish, to get. All attempts will mire you in the illusion.
Regardless of appearances, know there is no possibility in which you aren’t cared for. This is what is. When you are tested, and you will be, remember the Truth, make contact and listen. Buddha and Jesus both faced temptations. We are no different. Temptation is anything that denies God’s singular power.

8 thoughts

  1. Oh Amaya! DeLightful expression! I celebrate this realization with you! You left out the exclamation points! When you’re SOL — SOL!: Shut up! Open up! Listen up! A case of when you’re so down, it’s all UP from here! UP: Unfolding Perfection! LOL!

    In joyous service to This, the Beloved in/as All. As above, so belowAs within, so without So with All. May This Peace, Joy, Love, Truth, Freedom BE among All Being.

    LightHeartedly, Anraellaji

    LightHearted EnterprisesLHE on Facebook LHE on YouTube

    >________________________________ > From: Amaya Gayle >To: lightheartedbeing@yahoo.com >Sent: Sunday, October 26, 2014 7:52 PM >Subject: [New post] Rainbow Waterfall > > > > WordPress.com >amayagregory posted: “It’s the craziest thing you could possibly do. Share it with others and they will think you have lost your marbles, everyone of them. Yet, it is the most mind-blowing gift you can give yourself. You win and so does our world. For the past several month” >

  2. You could easily be a New Thought Minister. This is just what Unity and Science of Mind teach; There is only one Power. That Power is All Good. That Power is the Causation of All. All is Causation. We “cause” (create) to, with our thoughts. Awareness is about listening; listening to the small voice inside and listening to our thoughts. Do they support each other? If not, yikes! Thanks for being willing to share your experience and insights. LOVE YOU!

    • Hi darling. So nice to see your comment. I understand why you think this is New Thought. The basic, God is All and the only power, is the same. As I currently live this, there is no power, not even the power to co-create, left for an individual, for how could their be one if Everything Is God. Let me give you a slight twist to the New Thought label … No Thought. In the No Thought the Truth becomes Evident. Any thought that arises is followed to the Source and silenced within the Center of Being, within the Truth that only God Is. Thanks so much for your comment. It allowed a going deeper.

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