Feedback Loop for the Divine

Each of us is a fully formed body of light. There is no there to get to, nothing to ascend into. There is here, now. We are already This. Each of us is the Grand Intelligence feeding Itself back into The Whole, informing and expanding Itself, co-creating and morphing the collective experience. We are the infinite light, never detached, always so much more than connected … never separate from our Source or each other in any way.

Jamie Janover used the term ‘feedback loop for the divine” in his talk on Nassim Haramein’s work a few weekends ago. I have been playing with this in my meditation and talks with Essential Friends, friends with whom I go deep into cosmic truth. As I have looked, I see columns of light, like cotton pulled from a much larger ball of cotton, not pulled loose but pulled into a unique expression. Each column of light is a feedback loop, fine tuning experience, adding to the intelligence, changing reality for us all. According to our understanding, we co-create. We are always co-creating together, all the columns of light and the Whole from which we came, that much larger ball of cotton. As I looked I also saw that the Earth was a column of light, an enormous column of light, and a feedback loop, as was the sun, the universe, everything.

So much is made of our thoughts creating reality. Our thoughts inform the body’s experience through interpretation of events. Thoughts are not the holy grail. They are part of the processor and a stimulus. Our body is the feedback mechanism. It holds our deep patterns of resistance. It knows what the mind attempts to deny. It is what informs ours and the collective experience through the feeling of it. This is why we are asked by all the mystics to be present, to be still, to be nailed to the cross immovable in our experience , to surrender. As we remain here, now and allow our experience to be, without attempt to change it in any way, the energy flows unrestricted and the cramps and crimps in our systems simply flow away with the feeling of them.

Feel your pain, your sorrow, your shame. Feel the loss, the grief, the sheer terror of being in a body. It is there. Step into the body’s experience. See what life is really all about when you simply let go into your experience. It is Divine. It is the gateway. It has always been. Let your body clear itself just like a river does when the pollution stops pouring in, bringing itself back into purity. Resistance, not feeling what’s here, trying to change, to fix, to improve, are all polluting the beauty that is you. Relax and feel. Yes it hurts. It also feels alive. It is what you came here to experience.

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