The Womb of Cooperation

“Then will they know the vision I saw when I said, Many shall seek to enter in and shall not, for straight is the gate and narrow is the way that leads to eternal life. For, without the true appreciation of the Christ Ideal and of the divine and perfect plan of the cooperation of man and God right here on this earth, the realization of this ideal is impossible and it becomes only a dream, a myth …. nothing.” Masters of the Far East, Book II

Cooperation, the word is such a miraculous seed. The word is a seed that is implanted in its perfect timing and grows, spreading God’s Coding exponentially, infinitely. Once it grows and takes root, the way we understand the word is forever changed.

A friend wrote, “all the stops are out, even asking how do I do this is a bit elementary as it is already happening, planting seeds in each other… and shit…. they really grow fast.”

WombThis morning Anrael and I felt deeper into this that is growing within, without, throughout … the vine spreads in a receptive womb. “I Am the vine ye are the branches. God is the Husbandman …”

I am reminded of a vision I had years ago. I didn’t fully understand it until now. I was meditating with friends and was shaken by an explosion of energy in my belly. It felt like I had been physically impregnated. I saw the seed implanted within my womb and felt the vine spread throughout my body. Inside there was movement, growth, creation alive. The experience was more real than the reality of sitting in the chair. It stunned me. Stopped me. Rattled me. I wondered if I really was pregnant – the immaculate conception. It was so real. I remember trying to find words to explain the unexpected child to Ken. The experience haunted me for days.

That seed was planted awaiting, perhaps facilitating, this Now Moment.

There is in reality no one who cooperates. There is This in its implicate form and formlessness. The seeds and fruit of the seeds are exploding, expanding, fulfilling God’s will for there is none other.

2 thoughts

  1. Marvelous!!! There’s an association to the Virgin Mary’s cousin who was considered barren & also became pregnant! Today we might say, “It’s a change-of-life baby.” What a Change of Life! Perfect photo! The instantaneous and the unfolding in time and space of the growth cycle. We grow in to what is conceived and in due time (pun intended) it’s ready to be born. And we find ourselves in the inner sanctum of birthing, the Birth Place of the Divine, continually birthing in joyous ecstatic fulfillment. This noumenal realm is far beyond our limited mind’s imagining yet is real, right Here Now as we live and breathe! The implicate is made explicit through our voice, our experience shared, through the invitation to come into the birthing Place and celebrate a birth taking place right Here & Now. These are the demonstrations of the Presence Alive! Let there Be Peace on earth in, through, as US All. ✨💖

    With deepest and most deLightful Love, ✨💖 ~Anrael 😍



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