Ecstatic Sound

“In the beginning was the Word.”

Listen. Do you hear it? Do not pay attention to the words; listen to the sound. Listen into the sound. Let all you are deeply, purely attune to the sound. Any sound. Pick one and begin. Listen to the sound of a hummingbird as it flies past, its wings beating two hundred times per second. Listen to the wind blowing in the trees, stirring up leaves and memories. Listen to the sound of normal every day conversation. It is not ordinary at all. Stop. Take note. Eavesdrop on a deeper level of existence, the one in which sound manifests as you.

I was on a call with two friends. Normal listening abandoned me. The words fell away. Although still present, they were experienced more as background. What remained was heart-centered listening, only not the way the mind assumes. The listening dropped from the head into the energy of the heart listening to the energy of the sounds.

I entered into the stream of sound, surfing the waves of frequency, immersed in the symphony that mysteriously took me deep into the vibrating source. The vibratory field which I call by my name, penetrated the vibratory fields miles away in Mexico, in Colorado, consummating Itself.

These cells intoned the ecstatic sound. This body pulsated in sync, not just with the individuated forms sharing the sound waves with me, but with the Source of All Sound. Sound initiated a download of light that lasted well into the day, taking me apart sound bite by sound bite, rewriting a history-less existence, profoundly imbedding as Now, as Light, as Sound.

“In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God.” Take it literally. Sound … light …they are literal references, not spiritual fingers pointed to something else. Listen.

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