I raised my two hands in front of my heart in Namaste, just like I have hundreds of times before. The impression of my fingers snugged up together—prayer hands—altered something within me, something that only moments before had been constrained by ordinary awareness wrapped in concepts of duality, of two-ness, of me and not me. Something so simple—two hands, one set of fingers embracing the other, unhinged the old pattern and began rewriting the script, downloading new patterns, wiping out old programming and reference points.

Looking at my hands, I saw God and human, back to back, two sides of the same coin. As the download continued, the two hands became one, one coin, one reality. Heads or tails, both apparently different, but still coin. It does not matter if my experience is that of an individual or that of God. Both come and go, shift and change, morph and evolve and open into new, more refined dimensions. Life in Its divine intelligence, manifests whatever suits Its unfolding imperative.

I am reminded of the scene from Narnia: Prince Caspian. The Kings and the Narnians attempt to take control of the castle and fail. It has always been one of the most difficult scenes in the trilogy to watch. Arrogance, the belief in one hand alone, the human, individual, separate self is the crux of the failure. They failed because they forgot the basic, most critical aspect of who they are.

I think you’ve forgotten who really defeated the white witch. (Lucy to Peter, Prince Caspian)

Who defeated the witch? Aslan. What does Aslan represent—the Christ consciousness.

Not I, but the Father doeth the works. Was Jesus just talking about his miracles or something much more miraculous? Was he talking about every breath, every word, every action? Is there a human without God? Is there God without human consciousness? Two is not two at all. As my dear friend Anrael said this morning, “Our bodies are the Holy abiding place of God.”

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  1. When the left hand & right hand of God meet in the middle in reverence for what Is, there’s an humble openness that allows something to occur, something miraculous & mysterious, deLight-full that can awe, like the mighty roar of Aslan. The hands open out in offering: “Here This Now.” The gentle touch soul to soul, hand to Heart, “We are in This together.” In This, there’s an intimacy of heavenly proportions that makes us whole, and makes of our bodies a holy abiding place. ✨💖

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