Who’s to Blame

Last night as I was closing my computer I noticed an article about a mentally ill man who had killed several people. As I clicked shut down and the lights went out I wondered about the man’s actions and what had created a life so sad.

In the silence I heard — remaining karma will play out.

I find epiphanies fascinating because they are often words I have heard, deeply held understandings that take on a new life. This one rippled through my body and mind, my heart and soul rewriting old pathways into newfound freedom, into wide-open possibility.

The experience worked through my body and mind simultaneously, clearing out judgements, some long-held and known, others unnamed and hidden. What started with one man’s behavior flashed from him to old friends and family members — seeing their faces in my mind’s eye one at a time. Without stopping is rolled out into the community, the country, the world. I saw the faces of politicians, old bosses, the rich and powerful, the poor and homeless.

Remaining karma will play out.

No one is to blame. No one could do anything other than what they do. It is built right into their model of the world.

Including me; including you.

I recently completed an old piece of karma — the reason I incarnated this time. Experiencing the resolution answered a question I have had: when karma is complete do you leave this life and return home? Evidently not, for I am still here.

Normally we live in such a way that we are creating more karma, more to undo, more to unwind — another unconscious round on the wheel of life. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Karma is created with every self-serving action we take — thought, word and deed. Every. Last. One. We actually create a self with a story whose karma will play out.

Being present, remaining here-now without agenda, with love and trust, curiosity and wonder is not only a remedy for the dysfunction in our world — left or right or anywhere in between, it is also the pathless path which creates no footprints — no karma — for it is Real. Feeling it all — the pain and suffering, joy and happiness, the fear and sense of isolation, the love and caring that lies at the heart of you, of all things, you recognize that you are presence itself. Anything you cannot, will not feel leaves a footprint, a self built upon a story of resistance, preferences, self-preservation, a self-serving moment that catches in the wheel of time.

These end days are not the end of the world as so many suspect and believe. They are the final push, the ground falling out from beneath your feet. Everything that is hidden is coming up to be healed. These precious, difficult and painfilled days herald in a holy shift — a return Home to the remembrance of what you truly are. You are so much more than you can imagine. Once you let go of everything you ever thought, and that is happening right now, you will hear the trumpets as they sound for you. Hang in there! What a celebration you are!

“The wild child’s home, the precious realm beyond belief where free will actually exists, elegantly reveals itself as you walk out the prison gate and breathe in the fresh air of sacred release.”
Card #20, Free Will — The Wild Child

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