Let Love Have Its Way

“All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” Abraham Lincoln

Many today see politics and spirituality, the physical and ethereal, as separate. They are not. It is all one experience being experienced by apparently separate form-bodies. Some say, “I don’t do politics. I am focused on truth, on maintaining my center and my peace of mind.” Regardless of how self-assured those people are, something within them knows they are good men doing nothing … and even unseen, their souls are conflicted, their hearts are in peril.

Seeing something as unworthy of your attention isn’t spiritual. Even if the 3D is a simulation and not real at all, which I have experienced it to be, it is critical to ask yourself why you are here. Am I here for me, for my awakening or for something much bigger? We wake up and find we are one. We wake up all together or we haven’t awakened at all. True awakening includes the whole, everyone, not just the form-body in which you explore the cosmos.

We are here to be fully human, not fully God. We are already That. This is the school for our interconnectedness, our symbiosis, our humanity.
The current world stage isn’t about politics. This violence we are living through is not political, it is about the soul. We are being purified and sanctified by the fires of anger and hate, brought to our knees to the moment of truth: not what, but who are we willing to sacrifice to salve our egos?

Can you honestly, without hesitancy answer ‘no one’?

If you can, standing up for the poor, those rejected and demeaned, those suffering from systemic racism and excluded from the benefits of society, whose lives are valued less, is the natural, organic result. Not speaking is all it takes for evil to triumph.

That is the role the protesters are playing on the world stage. They are standing for all others, unable to remain quiet, to have their voices stilled one more moment. They are standing for the Good, for the soul’s truth. To speak against this forever war on those deemed less important, or not important at all, against soul destroying divisiveness is to speak for the storm trooper and the activist. Out of war’s shadow the storm trooper has a chance to find peace too.

We are being asked to what degree we are willing to sell our souls … and we haven’t yet responded in a way yet that will end the suffering once and for all.

We are still sputtering about this person or that person. We have planted our flags in our righteousness and their wrongness. We are still willing to let tear gas fill our streets, feeling jubilant at worst, ambivalent at best. We see others as the problem, not seeing the problem is much more complex than a person and yet, is embodied preciously in human form. Caught in the web of our self-determined justification, we are unable to meet the question, let alone see that the question is being asked.

Will you love your enemies? Will you love one another?

What would love do? It is always the question being asked. The amplitude of the question rises with each incomplete and self-focused answer.

“Once you wake up there are no mistakes. Misspent moments are not possible because you see the unfolding perfection and it’s clear that Source, rather than a separate you, doeth the works. Recognition takes hold and you trust each experience to fine tune your wild child vessel.” Card #7, Reality Bites — The Wild Child

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