Sync or Sim

Is it sync or sim? Are we living in a time of increasing synchronicities, noticing more and more simultaneity each day, or have we actually been living in a simulation all along?
Do you have control over anything, even your own thoughts? Thoughts come and go — they appear on their own and leave when they will. You don’t control them —  if you could you would. In reality, they aren’t even your thoughts.
Can you control the day of your death? When you get up in the morning it could be your last day on earth. There is no way to tell. That makes earth incredibly real and raw, so many avoid dealing with this reality at all costs or take what appears to be the sole sovereign act and pull their own plug.
Can you actually make anything happen? Witchful thinking says look at me, I manifested this! Is that true or did it happen without your two cents? Can you make the moon rise or the sun set? Can you stop your child from getting ill? At times it seems so; often it feels quite the opposite.
What is true on one level is true on all levels. If it isn’t true on one level it isn’t true on any level. Either you have absolute control or none at all.
We are all at the behest of the sacred zoo in which we live.
Even so, we each do what we do, all of us doing it in our own unique way, each of us doing what it is in our nature to do. If it is my nature to write I will write. If it is your nature to protest you will. If it is in you to judge others that will happen too. We are only capable of doing that which resonates within us.
Nothing else is possible.
Each day I tend more towards the simulation explanation. Life is not real at all even though it feels excruciatingly real and divinely precious. It is a playground for us to learn, to experience, to live as humans, wired for community and interconnected in ways we are intended to discover. We are here to experience it all and boy howdy, is life up to the task right now. It is pulling out all the stops to provide a rich ground of growth.
Within the sim, based on our nature — our current resonance or consciousness — we are given new challenges, new contrasting options, designed to expand our ability and capabilities. Sometimes it takes us several tries … and then several more takes to make a shift. The times we fell back into old behaviors, what some would call failures, were not  mistakes. They were simply the way we learn in the sim. Life in the sim is composed of endless shifts, infinite opportunities to learn.
So what’s the point? This That Is is constantly expanding — a cosmos of perpetual motion, fueled by our hearts. We incarnate, enter the sim, to learn to love, for expansion is the nature of love. Through the sim we expand our capacity to feel, to empathize. Eventually as we expand into love, fully surrendering our personal identity, letting it dissolve into the ocean of our shared experience, awareness dawns that the game is a game and we truly have no control at all, for we are not real in the way we thought.
We are This playing a game of vital importance. Everything we do matters …. and nothing does. Expansion is the imperative of the Universe — of OZ (the omniscient zookeeper) — that is the human heart. There is no harm here — nothing and no one dies, but what an amazing ride, a thrilling game with cosmic implications. No wonder souls line up to play.
” All of your life is for this alone, to free up the flow, to allow the current to gush and gurgle, swirl and whirl, fulfilling your luminous heart’s desires, bringing heaven to earth. By design, life is an effortless unfolding of experience tailored precisely for you, a playground to fully embody your holy human self.” Card #4, By Design — The Wild Child

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