True Balance

A friend wrote that the pro-trump and the ant-trump camps are two sides of one coin. I value her posts so took a look.


It seems, at least here in this form body, that I can speak up for love which appears to many to be anti-trump since he is anti-love — the epitome of the anti-Christ Consciousness and not be on the other side of a two-sided coin.
Now that’s how it feels in this body-mind-spirit. It doesn’t cause me to fret or slide into a hole of anger. I can see the actions and feel love for the perpetrators while speaking to it, while standing for those who suffer, realizing that if one suffers I suffer too, for there is only one of us here. It seems a grace to me.
If we truly realized our Oneness would we stand by, remain silent when someone cut off our leg or put a stake through our heart, even when it is happening in the body of a seeming other?
What matters is how we stand, from what consciousness we speak. If we speak from a violence within ourselves, even one sheathed in calm or unknowing, we create the next violence. We perpetuate the energy and send it into manifestation. And yet, to not speak is to stand by, head hooded with a black out bag of fear, mouth gagged in a ball of unworthiness, and hands tied in our helplessness.
Finding the balance within first is the training ground on which we stand, but that balance point is not where you think. It is right in the middle of your lived experience. Feeling it all, letting it pour through you without resistance is the sweet spot.

“The juicy center, that’s the place! It’s calling you – the intersection of heaven and earth – and joyously anticipating your assured arrival. Climb on up; ascend the cross of earthly existence and let heaven pour through your experience here-now.” Card #45, Sweet Spot — The Wild Child

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